Pro-Hamas Activists Commit Disgusting Act on Historic NC State University Belltower


The far-left lunacy is never on vacation, not even for religious holidays or any American holiday celebrating patriotism or honoring our past and current servicemen and women.

Memorial Day was Monday, and it was a day for reflection. For many Americans, this is a sad occasion. Unfortunately, it is also a time when we are reminded of the ignorance of our supposed intellectual superiors, such as Ilhan Omar, and Cori Bush. They don’t seem to know what Memorial Day is.

Just hours after Americans celebrated the lives of fallen soldiers and spent time with their families and friends, pro-Hamas students were at North Carolina State University.

A campus spokesperson told The National Desk that pro-Palestine demonstrators vandalized the bell tower at North Carolina State University in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Images circulating on social media show that protesters painted “Gaza”, “Rafah”, and “Free Palestine” onto the Memorial Belltower of the school. According to reports, the tower was also covered in red prints.

Two people in black are seen vandalizing the belltower. The video starts around :42:

This is especially offensive because the area that they destroyed, the base, is called the “Shrine Room”, and it is the place where NC State students, who died in World War I, are remembered:

The Memorial Belltower was built in 1921 to commemorate the sacrifices of NC State graduates who died while serving their country during World War I. A plaque is located in the Shrine Room at the base of the tower. The tower is now one of the most hallowed places on campus, and it stands as a symbol, landmark, and entrance to campus. The tower has become both a place for reflection and celebration, uniting generations of Wolfpack members in one iconic location.

Here’s more:

The memorial plaque includes 35 names, even though only 34 alumni were killed in World War II. George L. Jeffers was mistakenly listed as killed in action, and his name has been included on the memorial plaque.

The university changed the name to a completely different one when the mistake was found. The extra name was changed to George E. Jefferson as a symbol for unknown soldiers from NC State, and other places.

The pro-Hamas propaganda on the building has been removed. However, you can still see the outline of the painting.

The police are conducting an investigation.