Proposed Gun Control Measures Lack Empirical Evidence They Reduce Crimes


Following a series of horrendous mass shootings, there are calls for gun control. Experts disagree with this opinion and claim that there is not enough evidence to support gun control laws.

Fox News Digital asked John Lott, Crime Prevention Research Center President if there were any empirical proof that gun control measures can prevent violent crime. Lott replied “Not really.” “There have been many studies about things like background checks and assault weapon bans”. Even the Clinton administration paid for the research.

Following the shooting at Uvalde School in Texas that killed 19 children and 2 teachers last month, President Biden addressed America and called for “commonsense gun laws.” He also said that the Second Amendment was not absolute. ”

Biden said that we must ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. He also suggested that we raise the purchase age to 21 years, strengthen background checks, establish red flag laws, and abolish immunity. Biden also suggested that we address mental health, which will only worsen the trauma caused by gun violence.

In June the president called lawmakers to announce that they had reached a deal on a gun package. This proposal includes a national expansion of mental health services for children and families and gun buyers younger than 21 years; an enhanced review process; penalties and funding for school resource officers; and an enhanced review process.

Biden claimed that “we know that gun law works and has positive effects,” pointing to the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban, and claiming that mass shootings have increased by three times since 2004 when the ban was lifted.

Fox News Digital interviewed experts who stated that the 1994 ban on criminal activity had “no appreciable impact”.

Fox News Digital Professor Emerita of George Mason University Joyce Lee Malm stated that President Biden’s proposed measures to curb gun crime would not reduce crime or create constitutional problems. Justice Department research showed that the ban had no significant effect on crime.

A 1999 Department of Justice investigation found that gunshot victims and gun murder victims had increased despite the ban.

Malcolm is co-author and author of “Guns and Violence”, an empirical study that analyzes England’s history, from the Middle Ages to the 20th Century. It examines England’s gun crime and its impact, as well as the pre-modern gun laws.

1954 was the first year that there was a law in place for shotguns. London saw 12 cases of armed theft. By 1974, there were 1,400 armed burglaries in London.

The thoroughness of this study was widely praised. In 2016, Thomas Sowell stated that the study “illustrates the distinction between isolated, cherry-picked facts and relevant empirical evidence.”

Gun control advocates argue that America’s murder rate is higher than that in England because of stricter gun control laws. Sowell wrote an opinion piece stating that both cities did not have restrictions on gun ownership during this period.

Malcolm stated that there is no real definition of an “assail weapon” and that Democrats are attempting to ban them.

“People often think of an AK47 or another automatic weapon. But it isn’t. It is the most commonly used hunting rifle in America owned by millions. ”

Malcolm stated, “Banning high-capacity magazines may make law-abiding gun owners less likely to defend themselves in the future.”

High-capacity magazines are magazines with more than 7 or 10 rounds. They are not suitable for popular handguns and long guns. Malcolm said that bans on them would make all legal weapons ineligible. Fox News Digital did not know about Malcolm’s comments. Maybe do the opposite, and stop people from defending themselves. ”

Gun control activists however have made banning assault weapons an integral part of their efforts to reduce mass shootings.

David Hogg stated, “In a less broken society, we would be able to require background checks for every person who wishes to purchase a firearm and we would ban assault guns outright.” This statement was made after the bipartisan group announced an agreement to a gun package.

Hogg founded March for Our Lives in 2018 following the Parkland school shooting. It calls for a “higher standard of gun ownership.” The group has presented a range of proposals to reduce crime through gun control. They include a ban of high-capacity magazines, and assault weapons, and policies to disarm gun owners who pose a threat to the public. There is also a national program to buy back guns.

There were a lot of mass shootings this spring in the United States. There was a shooting at a Buffalo grocery shop, in New York, and at an American church.

Fox News Digital asked Lott what factors contributed to the increase in mass shootings. Lott said that although gun laws have become more strict in recent years, mass shootings have increased. Fox News Digital asked Lott about the factors that contributed to this increase.

People have tried suicide many times. He stated that suicide attempts are common, but that people who attempt suicide feel that they don’t deserve the attention of society.

Lott said that perpetrators who want to commit violent and disturbing crimes will seek out “soft targets,” such as schools or grocery stores. They are less likely to face an armed person who can stop the attack.

“It’s obvious to me”. He stated.

He also cited the manifesto from the Buffalo gunman, who shot at a Buffalo grocery store. It “talks about his ideal target.” He stated that he would not go to areas where handguns are concealed.

Lott said that eliminating gun-free zones would be the best way to stop violent crime.

Gun-free zones attract killers.

Malcolm believes it is best to ensure that facilities are made available to those who have been identified by others as a threat.

The red flag laws were intended to accomplish this, but allow police to disarm any person deemed dangerous before the opportunity to hear them. She stated that prisons have more mentally ill prisoners than hospitals.