Putin Says Trump’s Russia Probe Is a ‘Political Farce’


Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, is naturally interested in American politics. This includes the Democrats’ ongoing efforts to remove former President Donald Trump. According to a recent article, he has been following the events with great interest.

Putin believes that the American political system has fallen into disarray, as a party has corrupted the system to persecute their opponents. This has robbed America of its moral standing on the international stage.

Putin said, “What is happening today, for us, is a good thing.”

“Because this shows the rottenness in the American political system, which can’t pretend to teach other countries about democracy,” he said to the applause of a crowd.

He continued, “Everything happening with Trump is the persecuting of a rival political for political reasons.” “That’s exactly what it is.” “This is happening in front of US citizens and the entire world.” “They simply exposed their internal issues.”

He’d know. Putin has persecuted his political opponents before, but this is beside the point.

Putin is not wrong in his assessment of the American political system, regardless of what he does. It’s in a complete and total mess right now, thanks to the Democrat Party’s willingness to weaponize government agencies from the IRS to DOJ to punish and cripple their political rivals.

The Democrats are still indicating that Trump is their primary political rival and as such they are using all means possible to prevent him from running for office again. Democrats at all levels, from federal to local, make a big deal about trying to bring Trump to his knees. They do this to not only secure the White House for themselves but also to further their careers.

Trump’s fight against Democrats is a perversion to the American legal and political system, regardless of whether you support him or not.

Putin is right, but this abuse of America’s systems has taken away any moral authority the United States might have had in the political process. As things stand, American politicians will do anything to keep power, including being as corrupt and underhanded as necessary. This makes them no different than the authoritarian dictators or tyrants that we decry.

As far as we are aware, the only moral difference between Putin’s regime and the Democrat Party comes down to a relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.

Putin is right, at least in this case. The Democrat Party’s continued legal warfare against Trump, as well as its use of law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies in order to destroy him, signal a collapse of the American political system. The system is no longer fair, and corruption has become so widespread that it’s hard to tell where it starts and ends.

The United States of America is not the ideal example for the rest of the world to follow.