Race-Obsessed Sheila Jackson Lee Absurdly Connects COVID to Slavery, Demands Curative Reparations


It is hard to believe this is possible. Sheila Jackson Lee, a Texas veteran race-hustler, can connect dots that don’t exist. Joy Reid of MSNBC included.

Jackson Lee showed a new display of ninjalike mastery when she made a strange connection between COVID, (slavery), the House Floor, and that disjointed speech.

This is based on facts. They were also 4x more likely than whites to be admitted to hospital and 3x more likely to die from COVID.

She stated that reparations are curative and not punishment.

Jackson Lee used data from Harvard Medical School to show that reparations for African-Americans may have reduced COVID-19 infection and transmission rates among both blacks and whites.

Although I don’t doubt Sheila Jackson Lee’s claims, I decided to conduct some research of my own. Google brought up many Harvard Medical School references about COVID and race disparity.


Harvard Medical School found that Hispanic Medicare beneficiaries who were given COVID-19 had a higher death rate than non-Hispanic white Medicare beneficiaries.

Researchers also discovered that hospital deaths from racial/ethnic disparities widened in the aftermath of pandemics. This was explained by the larger gap between deaths among Black and White.

Discard the tape.

“Preexisting pre-pandemic ethnic and racial disparities. How are you currently feeling? What are your current eating habits?”

This analysis is based on Medicare beneficiary hospitalization records. It measures the racial disparities in death and other hospital-based outcomes.

Jackson Lee “forgot that part”, other than COVID patients. Many of my friends who have died from COVID-related complications include obesity, diabetes, heart, and respiratory problems, as well as autoimmune disorders.

I’m adding this: Sheila Jackson Lee uses large brushes to create pictures that don’t exist. This would result in taxpayers paying anywhere from $10 trillion to $12 Trillion, or $800,000.

H.R. Jackson Lee is H.R. 40, The Commission to Study and Devise Reparation Proposals For African Americans Act. Jackson Lee is the sponsor of 40, the Commission to Study and Devise Reparation Proposals For African Americans Act.

This bill creates the Commission to Study, and Prepare Reparation Proposals For African Americans. It will recommend solutions.

(1) The federal and state governments support slavery. (2) Discrimination in the public and private sectors against freed slaves, and their descendants. (3) The negative effects of slavery on African Americans who live in society.

Jackson Lee’s bill was not approved by the committee before April 2021.


The Democrat Party has been working to redistribute America’s wealth for at least six decades. This is despite two wise observations by wise men.

Famed Austrian Economist F. A. Hayek famously said:

There is all the difference in the world between treating people equally and attempting to make them equal.

British playwright George Bernard Shaw was an advocate for socialism and hated capitalism. He said this to his fellow socialists:

Any government that robs Peter of his money can always count on Paul’s support.

Today’s Democrat Party’s core is made up of the gang. Joy Reid and Sheila Jackson Lee just want a bigger share of the redistributed pie.