Ramaswamy Closes In on DeSantis in New Poll


According to a Harvard-Harris survey conducted on July 20, former President Donald Trump would easily beat Joe Biden if today’s race for the presidential election were held.

According to a recent poll, former president Trump would defeat President Biden in an election general.

Trump would have 52% of the vote if the Republican primary for 2024 were held today.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is 40 points behind, with only 12% support. Vivek Ramaswamy a biopharmaceutical businessman, rounds out the top 3 with 10%.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ poll numbers have been stagnant in recent months. He has also made some radical changes to his campaign. In a straw poll, the TPUSA youth also did not like Ron. They chose Donald Trump as their top candidate. Guess who came in second? Vivek Ramaswamy, a young upstart Republican who could beat DeSantis.

Ramaswamy, a clever strategist, is positioning himself to be in a future administration. This could even be Trump’s. In a podcast with Fox News’ Steve Hilton, it was reported that Ramaswamy said he wouldn’t be part of Trump’s cabinet on July 18.

Vivek Ramaswamy, a longshot candidate for 2024, said he wouldn’t accept a cabinet position in a Donald Trump government.

The comments were made by the candidate during a podcast interview with conservative host Steve Hilton earlier this month. They had not been reported before.

After the recording of the Fox News interview, former President Trump said that if he were to become president again, he would seriously consider Ramaswamy as his vice president or for a cabinet post.

Look who is also a candidate for the presidency. Haley, former Vice-President Mike Pence, and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie are among the Republican Party elder statesmen who refuse to retire quietly and settle for speaking engagements or think tank appointments. They are instead allowing donors who have too much money but too little common sense to whisper into their ears that it is their “turn” at the least and at worst, to be part of the Republican presidential ticket in 2024.

Billionaires are trying to make a difference because they have the power. These donors are putting their money into the flames because polls such as the one shown above show the opposite.

This list is notable because the majority have shown a betrayal of the former president or a lack of loyalty. Ramaswamy is known for his loyalty and this is why he is popular with Trump’s supporters. Ramaswamy condemned the atmosphere leading up to January 6 and spoke with Tucker Carlson at the Family Leadership Summit held in Iowa.

Ramaswamy held a second press conference outside the Miami courthouse, where Trump was arraigned in June. Ramaswamy promised that if he became president and Trump was convicted, he will pardon Trump. Ramaswamy urged all Republican candidates to pardon Trump if he became president. Ramaswamy’s position is an iconoclastic one.

Ramaswamy defended Trump most recently on Sunday’s Fox News Sunday, with Shannon Bream.

I have been clear that I would not have made the same judgments as Donald Trump. That’s why I am running for the presidency, the same race he is in. Because I would’ve made different, and I believe better, judgments for the nation.

A bad judgment is different from a crime. When we confuse the two, it sets a dangerous precedent in this country. I don’t think we should become a banana republic, where the ruling party uses force to arrest political opponents.

Ramaswamy also stated that the Supreme Court is one of “Trump’s greatest achievements.”

Ramaswamy also waxed eloquent in that same appearance about his foreign policy and referred to President Xi Jinping as well as China as the “greatest threats.”

Ramaswamy, during the appearance, responded to Trump’s comments describing Chinese President Xi Jinping, as “brilliant”, and “an iron hand.” Ramaswamy claimed that Xi is “a dictator” and that China “is the top threat the United States faces,” arguing he stands out from other candidates for 2024, including Trump, by campaigning for “economic autonomy” from China.

Ramaswamy has also laid out his strategy for Ukraine and Russia.


Ramaswamy, no matter how you look at it, will play a role in Trump’s administration, whether he is the Republican nominee or not. He could be the Vice President, the Secretary of State, or even behind the scenes as Chief of Staff. Ramaswamy, while pretending to be straightforward and not appear to curry favor with Trump, is actually making moves to align himself with the pro-Trump camp. He is also demonstrating his mettle and his knowledge of national and foreign policies. Ramaswamy has cemented his place as a national contender in politics, no matter what the outcome of these Trump indictments.