Rare Interview: Biden Labels Trump ‘Loser’ and Predicts 2024 Win


Biden hits the press for previous predictions that he would not win: “You told me we were going to get our asses kicked”

Jonathan Lines: There is a “clear delineation” between Biden’s and Trump’s handling of the border crisis

Yuma County Supervisor Jonathan Lines discussed the differences between how Biden and Trump handled the border surge. He also spoke about his reaction to the White House rebranding the migrants as a ‘newcomer’.

In a rare interview with the media, President Biden called former President Trump a “loser”, and predicted that he would beat him in November. He also reminded the press about previous predictions of Trump’s political demise.

Biden told Evan Osnos of Trump that “losers who are losers never have grace.” Osnos wrote a biography on the president, which was published shortly before Trump’s 2020 election win.

“I think he will do anything to win,” Biden said. Biden added, “I think he will contest my victory if — and when — it happens.” “No matter the outcome.”

Osnos claimed Biden was abrasive during his interview.

Osnos wrote: “For decades there was a lightness to Joe Biden – a springy mischievous spirit that was hard to dislike, even if some people classified him as a lightweight.” “For better or worse, he’s a more solemn person now. He has a thin, clotted voice and his gestures are slower, but his mind was unaltered during our conversation. He never missed a name or date.”

Biden brought to mind past media predictions he defied. For example, when he won in 2020 the Democratic primary after poor performances in Iowa and New Hampshire. Democrats also vastly exceeded expectations in the 2022 midterms, expanding their Senate majority and holding their House losses to smaller-than-predicted margins.

You guys said I wouldn’t win in 2020. You told me that in 2022, there would be a red wave. According to the report, Biden smiled tensely. “I told you that there wouldn’t be a red wave. In 2023, you said we would get our asses kicked once again? We won every race that was contested. In 2024 I believe you will see the same thing.”

Osnos shared another anecdote about his conversation with Biden. He said that the President “pulled out an engraved white notecard with some of Trump’s most alarming remarks.”

Former President Trump is by far the frontrunner in the race for the Republican nomination in 2024.

The notecard contained Trump’s “threats to terminate the Constitution and his casual talk about being a dictator from ‘Day One’, as well as his description of immigrants, who he called ‘poisoning our blood’.”

“Biden tossed the list onto his desk and looked in disbelief. Osnos recalled Biden saying, “What the hell?

The president told Osnos that if he and Osnos had met ten years earlier and I’d said a President would say these things, they’d have looked at each other like “Biden, I’m sure you’ve lost all senses.”

Politico reports that Biden had previously cursed Trump in private. In early February, the outlet reported that Biden had referred to Trump’s 2024 rival in private as a “sick —” and “a f—ing A–hole” by long-time friends and allies.

Chris Lacivita, a senior Trump campaign advisor, responded to the Politico article by saying: “It is a shame for Crooked Joe Biden to disrespect the presidency in both public and private.” It’s not surprising that he disrespects both the 45th President and the American people, with his failed policy.