Remember Democrats and Their Media Puppets Still Hate Cops


The Democrats are back in anger. Or still. They’re a cranky bunch, aren’t they? You would think that they would be the most chipper people in the country, given their blatantly illegal and improper behavior.

They are angry that it is not as easy to kill babies anymore, so our VEEP decided to try a Greta Thunberg impression.

Democrats have many problems with law enforcement. Although they might not be as open now, it is still a problem. Antifa youth who felt empowered by the Dems’ actions this summer went after it again. Kevin wrote that one of them is connected to a high-ranking member of the party.

The Post Millennial reports that Jared Dowell was arrested at the Antifa riots in Boston by Katherine M. Clark.

Jared Dowell, like most of the Antifa gals, is trans-white and comes from wealth.

Boston Police Department (BPD), alleges that Dowell spray painted “NO COP CITY” and “ACAB” onto buildings. Antifa is the acronym for “all cops, are bastards.”

The Democrats don’t let apples fall far from their trees. This kind of behavior is something that was taught somewhere. This is not a case of a privileged white snot who has had many rough times dealing with law enforcement.

Mama must be so proud.

The Democrats’ flying monkeys within the mainstream media began to whitewash the Antifa actions from the weekend. CNN, which was a pioneer in riot denial, was back in good form. Sarah Arnold, a Townhall colleague, covered the story.

CNN’s guest suggested that Antifa’s Atlanta riots in which protestors set fire to cars, smash windows, and fired fireworks at buildings were nothing but violent.

David Peisner stated to CNN’s Pamela Brown, “The only violence he witnessed was when police officers apprehended rioters who set fire to the city.”

Peisner stated that you keep using the words “violent, violent, and violent … The only act of violence against people I saw was police attacking protesters.”

Liberal guests continued to say that the destruction of property is not the equivalent of violence against people, and therefore it was acceptable.

Spoken like a leftist idiot who has never made any contribution to society. It doesn’t matter how much it hurts people whose property is taken by outlaws.


Twitchy posted a piece on ABC News in which they claimed that the burning down of a police vehicle was peaceful.

The Democrat ivory tower is behind the narratives that are being disseminated via the Big Three news networks, and their slow-child cousins CNN and MSNBC. It is deliberate to insist that bad guys are better than good. During the Obama years, the Dems were ingrained with a hatred for cops.

Chaos is an essential part of the commie toolbox. These trial runs are necessary for Democrats’ Antifa goon teams to ensure they are ready for the next presidential election year. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for them to keep up with the chaos of COVID panic.

I don’t want to be right about all of this.

I’ve met these people though.