Rep. Mayra Flores Hits Back At CNN And Jill Biden


After CNN published a piece calling Mayra Flores (TX) and other Republican Latina candidates “not real deal”, Mayra Flores (TX), became the first Mexican-born member to Congress.

Flores’ taco comment was made in reference to Jill Biden’s comment that Latinos were “tacos” on Monday at an event where many Latinos found the tone-deafening and offensive.

Biden’s remarks were recorded on video and shared virally via social media. He said that “Raul helped to build this organization with an understanding that the diversity in this community–as distinctive as the Bodegas of Bronx, so beautiful as the blooms of Miami and as unique and unique as the breakfast tacos right here in San Antonio—-is your strength.”

An English professor mispronounced “bodegas”, calling them “bogedas.”

Biden spokeswoman said that she had tweeted her regrets about saying that her words were not a reflection of her admiration for the Latino community.

Biden’s comments did not help the perception of Democrats losing touch with Latino voters. This was evident by Flores winning in a once blue district in Texas. Flores was the first Republican to win the seat since decades.