Reporter Assaulted by Teens in San Francisco


San Francisco journalist revealed that he was attacked by a group of young teens as he rode his bike. He admitted that this was not the first time he’d been victimized.

ABC7 Investigative reporter Dan Noyes was riding home on his bicycle when he noticed 15 teenagers standing along the side of the road.

He claimed that one of the kids sprinted up and knocked him off his bike in an attempt to steal it.

“I fell on the ground. My left elbow is pretty sore.” “I hope that it’s not a fracture because I fell hard.”

Noyes posted pictures of his arm, which was heavily bruised from the fall. He also included a note that showed he broke his elbow. Noyes said he suffered a broken wrist with a fractured radial head from the assault.

Noyes informed the teenager that his story would be featured on local television. The kids then rode away quickly.

He posted a video of the teenagers riding away on social media. “Well, I went up and chased them, saying, ‘You’re going be featured on Channel 7!'” “The kids scattered,” he said.

Noyes said that the teens appeared too young to have a driving license.

The reporter was shocked by the incident, and said “That’s crazy.”

He claimed that several people offered him help after the attack.

He tells the German tourist in the video that he’s “sorry to see” his city this way.

In the end, he confessed: “Man, I’ve been a victim in the past, but this one tonight, in San Francisco, was the most shocking and personal.”

He claimed that although the video was uploaded on his account on Wednesday, the actual attack took place Sunday evening.

“An assault in the Presidio Sunday sent me to the hospital. I was able to get some video. US Park Police responded quickly. I was concerned about other people being targeted,” the reporter added in a caption to his X post.

Blue cities have not only attacked the Bay Area journalist, there are many more who have been attacked.