Reporter Presses for Answers on Biden’s Plan to Ensure Safety of Palestinians in America


Despite the horrifying images of Southern Israel being cleared of Hamas terrorists who invaded the area over the weekend, certain media outlets continue to push the narrative “they both did it”, which equates to a relatively small level of collateral damages caused by Israel Defense Forces’ operations with Hamas’ calculated acts of terror with the sole intention of killing Jews.

Here is the scene of yesterday’s White House Press Briefing. Voice of America’s Anita Powell asks how the US will protect loyal Palestinians who are also dissidents against the Cletus scourge.

MS. JEAN-PIERRE: Okay, go ahead. And then — last question. And then we’ll be back tomorrow.

POWELL: Yesterday, the President said he was putting police departments — on high alert. Can you guarantee that members of the Muslim diaspora or immigrant communities can still feel safe, can still exercise their civil liberties, and exercise their criticism — of Israel’s behavior? Was that part of the conversations? And can you assure those communities that they still have (inaudible)?

MS. JEAN-PIERRE: I — I don’t have any details of the conversation, but, obviously, the President is — is going to be — we’re always going to deno- — denounce any form — any type of violence and — certainly, to keep communities safe. That is something we’ll be vigilant about. I don’t have anything else to add.

First, all US citizens or legal residents have the right to criticize Israel. The right could be more problematic for Christians and conservatives.

Take a look to see how things are going.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is located in Madison, Wisconsin.

Yep. Dissent is alive and well.

What about the future of our overlords? Are they comfortable speaking out against terrorism?

We are f***ed in a few decades.

Dearborn, MI is a safe place to protect the Constitution

Raleigh, NC is safe.

Washington, DC? Check.

Chicago? You bet.

New York? Your rights are protected as long as you don’t own a gun that is conservative.

Voice of America is funded and chartered by the US Government, according to its website. Its mission is:

  1. VOA will be a reliable, authoritative, and consistent source of news. VOA’s news will be objective, accurate, and comprehensive.
  2. VOA represents America and not a single segment. It will present a comprehensive and balanced presentation of important American institutions and thought.
  3. VOA will provide a clear and effective presentation of US policies, as well as a responsible discussion and opinion about these policies.

This question is a piece of snide bullsh** designed to create a narrative for an overseas audience to show that a) Palestinians in the US are in danger and b) Uncle Joe stands between a bunch of armed, snaggletoothed Rednecks and genocide. This was a dishonest and cheap question.

The truth is that Palestinians who are supporters of Hamas, (a Venn Diagram showing Palestinians and Palestinians supporting Hamas will have a lot of overlap), do not feel any pressure to denounce terrorist acts. The FBI and Homeland Security would rather investigate grandmothers who walked across Capitol Hill grass in January, gun owners, and Traditional Catholics.