Republican Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy Makes BlackRock a Campaign Issue


Vivek Ramaswamy’s Stock has just increased a few points.

Ted Cruz is a Texas Senator who began writing legislation in June in an attempt to punish financial giants like BlackRock. His bill would prohibit “companies that manage investment funds for federal employee retirement plans” from voting at corporate shareholder meetings to “force” ESG and DEI upon private businesses.

The bill was doomed to failure because BlackRock has a strong relationship with many politicians including the Bidens. Cruz’s shot across the bow set the standard in 2024 for Republicans who will run against firms like BlackRock.

This attitude was the test. Republicans could not be trusted, if they did not want to weaken BlackRock’s grip on America.

Before he became a 2024 Republican candidate, Ramaswamy put a lot of focus on woke capitalism, which can be summed up as firms utilizing their hold on corporations to push agendas on them that look a lot like a modern authoritarian’s wishlist. These agenda items look like they could have been written by Hillary Clinton and/or Barack Obama. He even wrote a New York Times bestseller about it called “Woke Inc.,” which you should read even if you aren’t a fan of Ramaswamy.

Ramaswamy had a strong answer to a query during a Q&A about the organizations and his approach.

He reduced it to what he called a “1776 question.”

“The basic premise is that we, the people, cannot be trusted to solve existential questions like climate change,” said Ramaswamy. “That we get it wrong. That we burn a planet entering an ice age — which is what they said during Richard Nixon.”

“We can’t be trusted with those questions, so business leaders and government leaders, and three-letter acronym institutions have to work together, dissolving the boundaries between the public and private sector, dissolving the boundaries between nations to work together towards the global common good.”

Ramaswamy uses the 1776 war to prove that the United States will not be ruled from the outside. He says that Americans believe they can “for better or worse” trust each other in order to overcome differences and solve their problems on an even basis. The vote and voice of each person is equally important.

Ramaswamy said that these globalist powers are similar to the old European attitude where people were not allowed to have any say in their future due to distrust of the government.

Ramaswamy stated, “Our sovereignty is at stake.”

Ramaswamy asked the American people why they were bowing down to this old monarchical viewpoint. Ramaswamy told the story about Israelites lost in the desert after being freed from slave-holding and wanting to return to Pharoa’s bonds after not finding the promised land.

Ramaswamy stated, “Their tricks only work if we’re willing to bend down. ”

He concluded his speech by saying, “To stop the globalist takeover, we must believe America still has meaning. Our sovereignty remains absolute.”

In the post on X featuring the video, Ramaswamy denounces firms like BlackRock and Vanguard and makes a campaign promise.

“I will stop what drives the ESG movement as president,” he wrote. “It’s not the invisible fist or the free market but the government itself. ”

BlackRock, which owns many companies in America, is responsible for a lot of America’s problems. BlackRock forces its employees to act in a particular way, just as it does with the companies that it owns.

It’s pretty clear that these firms have made themselves an enemy of U.S. sovereignty, and that it needs to be addressed and dealt with without fail. Ramaswamy should represent the attitudes of all Republicans, not just those who are running for president.