Republican Congressman Ronny Jackson Caught on Video in Heated Confrontation with Police


New video footage shows a heated altercation that took place between Texas law enforcement and Ronny Jackson, a former White House physician who is now a Texas Representative. The incident occurred at a rodeo held in the Lone Star State. Jackson appears to be frustrated by the sheriff’s deputy who was reportedly pulling him away from giving medical aid to a teenager.

The Blaze reports that the altercation occurred on July 29, at the White Deer Rodeo. This popular annual event is held at a venue about 40 miles outside Amarillo. According to Jackson’s office, the 15-year-old girl began to experience a medical crisis in a part of the venue that had no “uniformed emergency medical services providers” on-site at the time.

Dr. Jackson started providing medical help to the young woman after it was brought to his notice. She was experiencing seizures, according to reports. Deputies then dragged Jackson away from her and wrestled him down to the ground, before placing him in handcuffs. This footage was captured by a police vehicle and bodycam.

Deputies claim they briefly detained Jackson for refusing to allow paramedics to attend to the girl. A deputy identified as “Trooper Young” in the report of the sheriff tells Jackson on the video, “I asked for you to come back, and you didn’t get back.” He even tells Jackson he had “to ask you twice.”

Jackson claims in the video that “Nobody told Me to Get Back” and insists the police “rolled in” unnecessarily on the situation. They said, “Get The F*** Out.” He says he was “just trying to help” in his role as an “ER doctor.”

You can see Jackson’s frustration with the police in the video. He throws out his medical credentials and hurls a colorful collection of insults at Young. You are a full-on d ***! You’d better recalculate your math, mother f *****!”

Whew. This guy is definitely not a choirboy, is he not? I can understand your frustration, but damn. I hope that he does not kiss his mother with this mouth. The language he used at the time was irrelevant and completely understandable. He was trying his best to help someone who was in an urgent situation.

The congressman then threatens to report Young to Gov. Greg Abbott, also a Republican. “I’m gonna call the governor tomorrow, and I’m gonna talk to him about this s***, because this is f***ing ridiculous, f***ing ridiculous,” he says once again.

The video released by the Texas Department of Public Safety this week contains bits and pieces that are missing audio. The agency acknowledged the problem but did not explain it.

USA Today reported that a trooper who was on the scene described Jackson’s behavior in an email as “agitated”, and “belligerent” and even went so far as suspecting Jackson “had drunk”. Jackson’s statement, released shortly after the incident preemptively denied all allegations of alcohol. The statement claimed that Jackson “wasn’t drinking” on that night.

Jackson, a retired rear admiral in the Navy, who was White House physician to former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama before being elected to Congress in the year 2020, and then reelected in the year 2022, seems to be vindicated by this video footage. “I am glad that the video has been released. “It shows the incompetence and complete disregard of the authorities for the young girl who is in distress,” he wrote to X Monday evening.

The Texas Republican said in a separate post, “I’ll apologize for my words but I won’t apologize for being upset and speaking my mind given the circumstances.” If I had to do this again, I’d still act in a situation that was life-threatening. I will always help someone who is in need. “I WILL NOT apologize.”

Kate Lair is a representative of the congressman and has also released a statement regarding the situation.

She said that Congressman Jackson would not apologize, because he is a doctor who has been trained to deal with medical emergencies. This was especially true when the situation was chaotic and local authorities were unwilling to assist.

Lair repeated that Jackson did not drink alcohol that night.