Republicans Trying To Stop Federal Government From Working With Big Tech On Censorship


Wednesday’s legislation was introduced by a group of House Republicans. It would prohibit the federal government using Big Tech to violate Americans’ First Amendment rights.

The Daily Caller first obtained the legislation as the Free Speech Defense Act. Andrew Clyde, a Republican Georgia Representative, was the original sponsor.

The bill examines recent reports that indicate that the Biden Administration uses the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency in order to control Americans’ online speech.

In October, The Intercept reported that DHS was “quietly expanding” its efforts limit speech it regards as dangerous.

Clyde stated to the Caller that the First Amendment was designed to protect the People from government prohibitions on free speech. This sets us apart from oppressive regimes like Russia and China. (RELATED : EXCLUSIVE : House Republicans Introduce Legislation to Eliminate Federal Excise tax on Guns, Ammo and Ammo

Clyde’s office says this:

The federal government is prohibited from encouraging, coercing, or directing social media companies to deplatform their users, label content as misleading or trusted, true or false, or share their data without a warrant.
Dismantle the Disinformation Governance Board, and ban federal funding for any future iterations.
This Act strengthens the Antideficiency Act by preventing federal employees from soliciting or receiving no-cost services such as advertising.

Federal court allows enforcement of the government against it if Americans can prove that they were censored or deplatformed. These actions would be in violation of the Free Speech Defense Act.
The U.S. attorney general, in consultation and with the Assistant Attorney General of Civil Rights, must submit an annual report to Congress on compliance by the federal government with the provisions of the legislation.

The federal government is dangerously violating the Constitution by using social media companies such as Twitter and Facebook as private sector proxy to do its bidding. He said that his legislation would end government-by proxy censorship, which is tarnishing our nation’s foundation and unfairly depriving Americans their First Amendment rights.

Original cosponsors were Reps. Brian Babin of Texas and Randy Weber from Arizona, Madison Cawthorn in North Carolina, James Comer, and Thomas Massie (Kentucky), Matt Gaetz of Florida and Doug LaMalfa (California), Mary Miller in Illinois, and Barry Moore of Alabama.