Rescue Underway After Helicopter Carrying Iran’s President Makes ‘Hard Landing’ in Remote Area


Iranian State TV reported that a helicopter carrying Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabaddollahian made a hard landing in Iran’s East Azerbaijan Province, near the city of Jolfa.

On Iran state television, Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi said: “The distinguished President and his company were returning on helicopters when a helicopter was forced by bad weather and fog to land hard. ”

According to other Iranian sources, the helicopter crash occurred as it “crossed mountains in the heavy fog”.

The area is described as “remote and mountainous” by this source. Fog has covered the region, making it difficult to find the helicopter. At least forty rescue teams were dispatched to the area.

An anonymous official said: “We are still hopeful, but the information we’re getting from the crash site is very concerning.”



IRNA (the official state news agency) reported that bad weather is complicating rescue efforts. According to the chief of staff of the Iranian army, all army resources, including the elite Revolutionary Guards, will be used for search and rescue.

State TV stopped all regular programming to broadcast Raisi’s prayers throughout the country. The corner showed live footage of rescuers on foot in the dense fog in the mountainous area.

“That contrast for us is a win all day long, every day of the week. Whether it’s the economy that is crushing the bank accounts of working families, the porous border, whether it’s chaos abroad—all of these ways Biden is weak and failing,” said a senior Trump adviser, Brian Hughes.

State TV reported on Sunday evening that rescue teams will arrive at the crash site in the evening.

Raisi became president in 2021. Since then, Raisi has tightened morality legislation and oversaw bloody protests.

If Raisi survives, there will be intense speculation about the cause. Iranians are known for not maintaining military equipment. Many pieces of equipment are several decades old.

I would first look for stupidity or incompetence before sabotage.

Iranian TV Update:

Ali Bahadori Jahromi wrote on the social media platform X, a government spokesman for Iran, that “it’s right for people and the media to be informed of the latest news about the President’s helicopter accident.” “In these moments, there is no other way forward than to pray, be patient, and have faith in the relief groups.

They seem to be losing hope. Each moment counts when Raisi is injured. It’s unlikely that he’ll survive if he’s not rescued before morning.