RFK Jr. Accused of Anti-Semitism and Psychosis by Corporate Media


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. received as much as 19% of the support from potential Democratic primary voters. Marianne Williamson is the third wheel of the race, and another anti-establishment candidate to Biden. She polls at less than 10%. Speculatively we can expect that the majority of these voters will switch to RFK, Jr. if she drops out.

RFK Jr. said in his keynote address at the 2023 Bitcoin Conference, “Totalitarians dislike anything they cannot control.” RFK Jr. is obviously beyond their control.

Out with the knives!

The Democrat Party, in an effort to remedy its RFK Jr. issue, has enlisted the help of corporate media attack dogs who have been pumped out to produce predictable hit jobs.

The Guardian headline reads: “Robert F Kennedy Jr. says he’s had ‘conversations’ with dead people.”

The Guardian:

Kennedy was asked in an interview with Free Press how he believed his father and uncle might tackle the challenges that America faces today.

Kennedy stated, “I meditate every day.” “That’s the nature of my mediations.” I often have conversations with the dead.

Kennedy clarified in a “follow-up text” to the Free Press: “These are prayers only for strength and wisdom.” I don’t get any strategic advice from the deceased.

It’s amazing that this writer/editor believed it would work. It is amazing that this kind of smear could actually work with readers who are eager to read defamatory articles about the Brandon entity’s primary intra-party rival.

RFK Jr. didn’t mean to imply that he believes he was having a conversation literally with the dead. This was a metaphor to seek guidance by imagining what his father and uncle, who were assassinated, would do today if they had been in his position.

The article makes a convoluted transition to imply that RFK Jr. was anti-Semitic because he compared the COVID-19 Public Health response with Nazi Germany.

Kennedy went as far last year as to compare America under lockdown with Nazi Germany. He told a Washington rally: “Even in Hitler’s Germany you could cross the Alps and go to Switzerland.” You could hide like Anne Frank in the attic.

Auschwitz Memorial rebuked Kennedy for his remarks, accusing him of “exploiting the tragedy of those who suffered, were tortured, and murdered, including children like Anne Frank”.

If the comparison of current political events with Nazism qualifies a person as antisemitic, 95% of the #Resistance class of liberal pundits during the Trump administration will fit the bill. Oddly, The Guardian did not publish that article.

I predict, partly due to my own bias, that these unfair smears are going to backfire because legacy media is so despised. This analysis is true almost all the time on the right. However, many normie libs who are the base of the Democrat Party still respect indecent media outlets such as The Guardian.