RFK Jr. Shocks with Radical Leftist Choice for Running Mate


Sources confirm that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. selected Nicole Shanahan as his Vice Presidential candidate. She is a California lawyer.

Shanahan is an attorney and also runs a foundation that supports left-wing causes such as abortion rights, criminal justice reform, and climate change. According to The Wall Street Journal, Shanahan has a long history of supporting Democratic candidates, including Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign. Kennedy will formally announce Shanahan to the public as his running mate at an event in Oakland, Calif. on Tuesday, which is Shanahan’s hometown.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Shanahan was a political newbie who came into the limelight over her split from [Google cofounder Sergey] Brin after a brief affair she allegedly had with Elon Musk in 2021, which broke the billionaire’s long-standing friendship. Musk and Shanahan both denied the allegations after the publication of the article.

Journal spokesperson says that the Journal will stand by its reporting.

Shanahan, in addition to donating $4 million to Kennedy’s presidential campaign, told the New York Times that she also donated the money to the super PAC aligned with Kennedy which ran the Super Bowl ad to support his candidacy. Shanahan was not only a major contributor to the controversial Super Bowl ad, which repurposed an ad from when his uncle John F. Kennedy Jr. ran for president and caused controversy with some members of his family—but she was a key force in the ad’s production.

She has stated that she agrees with Kennedy’s views on vaccine skepticism, the environment, and other issues. Kennedy’s claims, which have been debunked by experts in public health, linking childhood vaccinations with autism and doubting the safety of Covid-19 are well-known. Kennedy stated in an interview last year with The Journal that he was not antivaccine, but believed vaccines should be subjected to more scrutiny. Shanahan said the same thing in her New York Times interview.

Charlie Kirk, founder of TPUSA, says there’s more to know about Shanahan.

It’s not surprising that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. chose a radical leftist for his ticket. However, it will be fascinating to see conservative’s reaction to this choice. They have so far refused to acknowledge Kennedy’s left-wing past, including his support for the Green New Deal and radical policies such as abortion on demand, divesting fossil fuels, and massive tax increases.

Kennedy claimed his independent bid to become president hurt Donald Trump more than Biden, but recent polls suggest the opposite. Kennedy may have gained bipartisan support if he had chosen a moderate or centrist Republican to be his running mate. However, it seems likely that Shanahan could turn off conservatives who weren’t willing to see Kennedy’s left-wing radicalism before, further threatening Biden.

Shanahan’s inclusion on the ticket could impact the Presidential race, and greatly impact Biden becoming President again in 2024.