RFK Jr’s Bold Move: Shaking Up the ‘Elites’ While Taking a Leap


You need a fast boat, at least one big shark, and Fonzie on waterskis to jump the shark. Because there are so many variables in presidential politics, shark-jumping requires more equipment, larger stakes, and personalities bigger than Fonzie.

It is not as cool as The Fonz, because it’s impossible.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s independent presidential campaign captured the attention of Washington’s “elites” that they were scared by its “growing path towards success”. ” He is so desperate that he even considers playing a part that would be more absurd than the shark in ‘Happy Days’. ”

Mork the Ork isn’t as absurd as it seems.

Douglas MacKinnon was a writer who worked for Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush white houses – warned The Hill on Friday that although many “experts”, still dismiss the possibility of an independent or third-party candidate winning the election, there appears to be more hand-wringing from both Democrats and Republicans.

MacKinnon acknowledges that Kennedy’s path is unlikely. RFK Jr. needs to increase his poll support from 19% to 34%. This is almost double the amount between now and November. MacKinnon admits that Kennedy’s path to the White House is unlikely. RFK Jr. must first increase his support in the polls from 19% today to 34%, almost twice as much. This is between now and November.

Please excuse me for not having read this article when it was first published a week earlier. There is only so much time in the day to read the news. News searches on “Robert F. Kennedy Jr.” are not at the top of my to-do list.

Kennedy still has one more jump.

Even with lots of money, it’s hard for an independent or a third-party candidate in the 50 states to make the ballot. Without this ballot access, Kennedy’s chances of getting 34% of votes dropped from “not probable” to “ain’t gonna happen”. Kennedy can only vote in Utah.

Kennedy, who last week said that he “looked” into running for the Libertarian Party, is an excellent example. I’m sorry for not catching the error when it was first reported.

Fonzie starts to put his swim trunks and waterskis on. Kennedy is a Libertarian and needs access to all 51 ballots.

Nicholas Sarwark said to Caroline McCaughey of the New York Sun that there would be “too many red flags” at [the nomination] Convention and he wouldn’t excite anybody who wasn’t an anti-vaxxer. ”

Jeremy Kauffman said that Kennedy is “delusional” if he thinks he can win the Libertarian Party nomination. Kennedy pulled a clever stunt, scaring elites and jumping the shark. From what I have seen, this story is really an attempt by the elites to scare more donors into giving money.