Ric Grenell Roasts CA Dem Senator After Pride Month Tantrum


If you’re a member of a minority and also a Republican, then you will be subjected to the worst verbal abuse from the “party of tolerance”, especially if you are black or gay.

Ric Grenell who held various leadership positions under Donald Trump, including acting director of National Intelligence between February 2020 and May 2020, knows this well.

He has been accused at times of being a traitor because of his loyalty towards Trump. The woke left-wing press has also conveniently ignored his long career as a public servant, even forgetting at one point that he had served in the Trump administration when they “reported” about Pete Buttigieg becoming Joe Biden’s transportation secretary.

In honor of Pride Month in California, the Republican state senators decided to recognize Grenell on Monday, a California resident, for his service to the country.

That’s what Democrats told us in the past, right? Pride Month is all about celebrating and respecting LGBTQ Americans’ contributions, right? California Republicans have a right to demand that California Democrats follow the same rules they do.

Watch what happened in the Senate Chamber as the ceremony began. Many Democrats, including radical LGBTQ activist Scott Wiener, got up and left in protest.

Wiener later took to Twitter to explain his actions.

“Grenell hates himself as a gay man.” He is a pink-washer scam artist for Trump and spreads anti-LGBTQ, anti-vax, election denier conspiracy theories,” Wiener declared. Wiener has become notorious in California for encouraging gay orgies in the wake of the monkeypox panic, as well as for advocating the teaching of “drag” in grades K-12.

Grenell was clearly not amused and reacted accordingly.

It is an honor to be your opponent.

You have a radical opinion against decency, common sense, and parental rights.

You undermine American values by defending pedophilia and child abuse.

Chad Felix Greene, a conservative author, and LGBTQ activist, also had some words to say about Wiener.

Greene said that while @RichardGrenell has made history by advancing LGBT equality, Wiener’s most notable accomplishment is his support for lowering criminal charges for men who have sex with children under 14 and HIV+ men infecting other men.

Greene wrote about Grenell: “He has built an impressive and unique career without relying upon his minority status, and he represents true equality.”

They say you are known by the company you keep, but in my opinion, that rule also applies to the company you don’t keep, and that definitely applies here. Anyone who stands opposed to the Scott Wieners of this country and who can be a force to be reckoned with without constantly falling back on their gender, race, sexual preference, identity, etc. is okay in my book.