Right-Wing Surge in European Elections: Warning Signs for Biden, Boost for Trump


Former president Donald Trump and American Republicans are encouraged by the right-wing victories this weekend that shocked France. In 2016, the United Kingdom’s Brexit vote was similar to what preceded Trump’s victory in this country.

In this weekend’s French elections, the National Rally Party (Marine Le Pen) received over twice as many votes. Macron called for a snap election in June, with runoffs in July. He did this to see if the large defeat was solely due to the European Parliament elections or if there had been a change in the electorate.

Trump announced conservative and populist wins internationally for years. He claimed in an exclusive Breitbart News article published in January of 2023 that a global movement was growing around him.

In an interview with Breitbart Trump stated that “it’s a MAGA Trump Movement.” It’s a Trump Movement.

John Kampfner, a Foreign Policy magazine editor in 2008, said it was possible that the forces of extremist right would become the largest bloc. This prediction may have been understated by the results of this weekend’s European elections.

The New York Times analysis of weekend results noted that Trump would have been pleased with news coming from the other side.

Matina Stvis-Gridneff of The Times, reporting from Brussels said “the strong performances of the far right was likely to resonate” in the United States. This is expected to encourage other political forces to support the former president Donald J. Trump, if he tries to return to office. ” ”

Many people believe that this is a warning for Biden.

Matt Mowers served as an official in the State Department during the Trump Administration. Matt Mowers leads a conservative, populist group that includes former Trump officials.

Mowers stated that “the dawning of a new age in Europe is the result of tonight’s historic victories for conservative parties on the continent.” Since March, the EUUS Forum exposed failed policies and leadership in the EU. EUUS Forum bombarded Europe’s message to “demand change at EU.” The results from tonight’s poll show that Europeans prefer conservative leadership. They reject the far-left policies that EU bureaucrats have created for Europe.

Edward Snowden, the infamous whistleblower of the National Security Agency, also posted on X (formerly Twitter) that the European Union election was bad news for Biden. He claimed that the results showed a rejection by many Europeans of the West continuing to fund Ukraine in their war against Russia.

Newsweek published a report that suggested the European results could threaten Biden’s global power. David Brennan, a correspondent for Newsweek and a former diplomat, wrote “Joe Biden’s Ukraine Coalition faces reconciling”. He said that voters around the world are not happy with the war or other globalist and leftist policies.

Pawel Zerka, senior fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations, told Brennan that the results of the election indicate a climate favorable to the right.

Le Monde, a French newspaper, published an incredibly blunt headline as the results started to come in: “Europeans worry about Trump’s return. ” ”

Biden sent a cryptic message X after the French election results.

The people who want Biden to be elected in November worry that the Democrats and the President may not see the bigger picture before it’s too late.

Polls continue to show a tight race between Biden and Trump in November’s rematch. These polls indicate that Trump has a slight advantage in battleground states, but not enough for him to win. Although Trump still holds a slight edge, it isn’t enough for him to win.

A recent poll by CBS News showed that the majority of Hispanics supported a government-run program of mass deportation to remove all illegal aliens in America. Trump said that he’d do it if elected. Recent conflicts in Europe and the Middle East have shown a shift in the globalist view on these issues.

Now, the question is whether these European elections are an indication of global discontent similar to Brexit 2016. It is now a question of whether or not these European elections are a sign of broader global discontent, similar to Brexit in 2016.