Ron DeSantis Knocks Gas Prices Under Biden


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), spoke out about record-high gasoline prices in the United States. He strongly criticised the Biden administration’s efforts to reduce American energy independence and turn to dictators for help.

“I’m watching and gas prices are going up more,” said the governor. He explained that he was seeing gas prices near $5.00 per gallon in certain parts of the state, as the national average gas price reached a new record for the ninth consecutive Wednesday.

He said that it was likely $4.15 a few weeks ago. “So it’s rising and they’re not doing any energy in the United States right now, they say that they want oil from Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, which will just line his pockets and help Russia,” DeSantis stated, noting the absurdity of the move as it contrasts with their constant warnings about Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.

They talk about Russia and Putin all the time. They’ll beg OPEC, but they won’t do more energy in America,” he stated, explaining that the Biden administration’s refusal to act domestically has “really limited our ability to be energy-independent and produce our own electricity.”

He said that the Biden administration had made a huge mistake by cancelling oil and gas leases in Alaska.

He said, “I think that you’re going to see it, but they’re not gonna reverse their course. You’re gonna get it over $5 per gallon for unleaded and in places such as California, it will probably be $7 or $8 due to all the taxes they have.” It will be a big, massive hit for many working people.

DeSantis said that energy becomes more expensive when it is produced.

Accordingly, goods prices will continue to rise, which will fuel inflation in “more ways” than what you see at the pump. He continued, noting that Biden’s leaders warned of this as they printed “all the money.”

He said, “It’s possible, though, that Biden plunges the country into a recession because of a lot a mismanagement,” he continued.