Ron Klain Gets Blasted for Inflation Hot Take About Social Security and Medicare


Joe Biden was given terrible inflation data Thursday. The CPI rose 0.4% and inflation was 8.2% since last year.

However, Biden claimed that they were making progress despite the fact that things keep getting worse.

He lies so often that he cannot stop. It’s a disease. He has been lying for 40 years.

The White House tried to convince us that Social Security would increase in January. The White House tried to convince us that Social Security would rise in January. “We will give them more money, and give them more breathing space.”

Jean-Pierre did not just have a random thought. White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain promoted the idea and made misleading comments about Medicare.

Klain tweeted that “SS benefits will rise for the first time in a decade while Medicare premiums go DOWN,” and also included a report from the Associated Press: “So seniors will get ahead of inflation.”

He also retweeted a CBS correspondent Ed O’Keefe’s report along with a tweet from Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D.Mass).

Seniors need to see increases in their Social Security payments this year, and every year thereafter to keep pace with rising costs. Democrats work to expand and protect Social Security. Warren tweeted that Republicans want to decrease these benefits.

It takes courage to try to make Social Security work before the election.

Due to the very high inflation that the Biden Group accumulated, Social Security raised its COLA to $140.

Klain’s hot take was criticized by many.

American Commitment President Phil Kerpen pointed out the deceitful Medicare spin by Klain.

Similar to the Biden team’s gas policy, this will be lowered a little next year. After raising the premiums so much, they’ll pretend that they did something good.

They don’t have any shame.