Sad Violin Plays for Glenn Kessler After Embarrassing Biden Fact Check Gets Walked Back


After arriving in a motorcade of gas-guzzling vehicles, President Joe Biden made an alarming statement during Wednesday’s “climate change” speech at Brayton Point Power Station, Somerset, Massachusetts.

As he told everyone in attendance, including Sen. Elizabeth Warren and John Kerry, that he had cancer, he also spun a story about how his mother, who drove him to school with an oily windshield, allegedly caused the disease.

Biden declared, “That’s why I and so many other people that I grew up with have cancer,”

Biden’s comments set off B.S. alerts. The tweet included Biden’s quote as well as a brief video clip of what Biden said.

Glenn Kessler (Democrat apologist, Washington Post fact checker) was irritated by the sudden announcement of Biden. He rushed to Biden’s defense with this gem, seemingly not realizing that one of the major issues people had with Biden’s remarks was his use of “have cancer” – which means “I have it now”.

This “fact check” was embarrassing because of multiple reasons. One was that Biden suggested he had cancer. The other was that Kessler inadvertently overruled Biden’s half-baked claim when he stated that non-melanoma skin tumors that Biden had gotten removed “before he was elected president.” That would have been from an oil-slick windshield.

The White House used Kessler’s tweet to explain what Biden meant. This backfired on them both and Kessler. Kessler later discovered – via editor Katie Pavlich- that Biden had told this story before except in the previous story where he claimed that he developed asthma from the oil-slicked windshield.

Kessler’s seeming walk back of his earlier indignant defense of Biden, and the White House’s eager touting of Kessler’s original tweet prompted requests for an explanation:

Won’t happen, but you can best believe that if President Trump made the same whopper of a claim, Kessler, CNN’s Daniel, Dale, Politifact, and all the rest would be hiring extra staff to help them compile the pieces they’d write debunking and mocking the Orange Man – because these people are nothing if not utterly and shamelessly predictable.