Sailors Stranded on Baltimore Bridge Collapse Ship Face Bizarre Twist of Fate


On May 13, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers used a series of controlled explosives to free the Dali. This ship is better known as that which slammed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge in March. Most people are unaware that the crew is still aboard. They are not allowed to leave.

Two Singaporean maritime unions are pushing for the crew to be released. The unions also sent delegates out to check up on the crew of 21 members, including 20 Indians and one Sri Lankan.

Both unions have expressed “deep concern” for the crew’s “emotional distress.”

Here’s what’s strange: the FBI confiscated all the cell phones of the crew as it and the National Transportation Safety Board continued their investigation.

They are not given shore leave. The investigations and the alleged lack of visas or shore passes are preventing them from leaving.

On May 11, the unions issued a statement in which they said that crew morale had plummeted due to an “unfounded concern of criminal liability.”

Nobody seems to know the exact date when the sailors can leave. The crew is no longer in contact with the outside.

Joshua Messick, a representative of the Baltimore International Seafarers Center, said, “They cannot do online banking.” They can’t pay their bills from home. “They don’t know anyone’s data or contact information so they are isolated at the moment.”

Egypt has seized the Ever Given ship, which ran aground and stopped shipping in the Suez Canal in April 2021. The owner was reportedly required to pay $1 billion in damages and losses.

Personal note: I smell a rotten badger in the fragrance aisle. Why would the FBI arrest the crew and seize their phones? They believe that the crew is somehow responsible. Do the crew members have any rights if so? Why would the federal government take their cell phones away?


The videotape showing the ship striking the bridge is indeed suspicious. It looks almost like the person who was driving the ship deliberately kamikazed the vessel into the bridge.

Is it legal for the crew to be held hostage on the ship while demolition charges are being fired? Why would you want to take their phones? Are they suspects or not?

Some people think the ship was deliberately steered towards the bridge.

Illegal immigrants who are caught crossing the border in the South are given court dates that can be years away. Why are the Dali crew treated differently? They’re not foreign invaders. They are sailors from a maritime ship who, in an accident that appears to have been perfectly timed, destroyed a bridge. Are they suspects? Is the FBI trying to hide something more sinister?

Now that I think about it, I do sound like Nancy Grace. It’s time for me to get to bed. I will keep you updated.