San Francisco: Shined Up for Xi, Back to Reality After He Left


When a politician, or group of them, doesn’t take something seriously, they will apply a Band-Aid to a visible problem and then allow things to return to their previous state. San Francisco did this when they cleaned up the homeless encampments, and the open-air drug markets during the visit by the Chinese dictator Xi. According to a San Francisco businessman, business is as usual once again in the Bay City.

Locals claim that less than a week after Chinese President Xi Jinping visited San Francisco for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit (APEC), it has reverted to a den filled with homelessness and drug use.

“It’s recognizable. San Francisco is the same as it was before. Danielle Rabkin, owner of Crossfit Golden Gate Gym and Varney & Co., Tuesday, said that anyone they pushed from important zones had just slowly crept back in.

In November, President Biden met with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in San Francisco. It was a highly anticipated face-to-face – the first one since the two leaders had met in Indonesia in 2022.

Danielle Rabkin, the owner of the business in question, spoke to Stuart Varney, Fox Business’s Stuart Varney, about this debacle.

What’s truly egregious is the governor of California’s response. The perfectly coiffed California Governor Newsom acknowledged that the entire thing was a performance:

Before the event, the city of the host was cleaned for the arrival of foreign leaders including President Xi.

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.), was criticized by social media users after admitting San Francisco, a city infamous nationally for its homelessness, planned a massive cleaning effort to coincide with the U.S.-China summit.

“I know people say, ‘Oh, they’re cleaning this place up because all these fancy leaders are coming into town.’ It’s true because it is true,” Newsom stated last month during the unveiling of an initiative to plant trees in urban areas as part of Clean California, a program launched in 2021.

Well, these urban areas will at least get new trees that will be used by homeless people and drug dealers as firewood.

Newsom, I get it. He is only marginally effective as a Governor (I am probably being overly generous). He’d be twice smarter than he is if he was half as intelligent as he believes he is. The sad part is that he seems to believe he is doing well.

San Francisco’s business owners and residents are the ones I find difficult to understand. Ms. Rabkin said the following about her city officials:

Rabkin said that city leaders must stop allowing homeless people to live in tents on the street.

It’s not an alternative to sleeping in a tent on the streets. It is not hygienic or humane, and it’s certainly not the right thing to do for law-abiding taxpayers.

It’s not right. It’s not right. It’s intolerable. It’s medieval. Ancient Greeks and Romans would never have tolerated such a thing. It is impossible to understand why San Francisco and other cities allow this. Danielle Rabkin, I’d like to ask you: “Whom did you vote in the last municipal election? Which candidates, if any did you support? Why would you expect things to change if you voted Democrat?