Sanders Shades Newsom in Message to Arkansas Transplants


Sarah Huckabee Sanders has a lot of good qualities.

She was an absolute joy to watch when she served as the press secretary for then-President Donald Trump. She handled the left-wing media without breaking a sweat. Then there was the infamous Red Hen incident, where she came out smelling like a rose and her unhinged critics were once again left frustrated and fuming.

In just a few years, she won the governorship of Arkansas, her home state, after following in her father’s footsteps. Mike Huckabee was the governor of Arkansas from 1996-2007.

And though she’s got a long way to go, she’s kicked bootie so far in her first year in office, implementing a bold conservative agenda that is parent/people-centered instead of bureaucrat-centered.

It is only logical that, when Sanders gives interviews, she will make sure to include a message of welcome for the tens and thousands of people fleeing blue states such as California and New York to red ones like Arkansas, Texas, and Florida. The message is accompanied by a clear warning: Leave liberal politics behind.

Sanders reiterated this point during a Fox News exchange on Monday and did so by slamming California Governor Jerry Brown. Gavin Newsom has spent the past year trying to make California look better than it is.

The number one complaint that I hear, from conservatives in North Carolina and others, is about the exodus of people from Democrat-run to Republican-run states: Don’t come here with the same type of extreme left-wing political beliefs that turned your old state into a crime-ridden, expensive, woke dumpster-fire.

The conservatives I know have been utterly unwelcoming in this regard.

Governor. Sanders was smart to not say that, but I believe it was implied in her words. It is unarguable that the more blue states move into a red state, the faster that state will turn purple, and then blue if it doesn’t take action to counteract it.

My colleague has moved from California to a state that will be even more red. She offers some wise advice for leaders in these states.

The upstarts have invaded your states. You should start reeducation at the border so that they don’t bring back the bad habits and mores of the state they are fleeing.

Indeed, and that’s just the beginning.