Satanic Hollywood’s actor George Lopez accepts Iran assassination bounty on Trump,threatens to murder Our dear Potus for half the price


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Actor George Lopez appeared to accept an Iranian bounty to assassinate President Donald Trump on Sunday evening. Iranian authorities had recently put an $80 million dollar bounty on the president’s head, but according to Lopez, he’ll do it for $40 million instead.

“[Iranian] authorities have put a bounty on American President Donald Trump’s head during the televised funeral of General [Qasem Soleimani] after he was assassinated last week,” said Chicano Worldstar to Instagram. “What are your thoughts?”

“We’ll do it for half,” replied Lopez from his official Instagram account.

When George Lopez is not threatening to assassinate the president, he is apparently getting into altercations with Trump supporters, instead. Such was the case in November of 2018, when police charged Lopez with misdemeanor batteryover an altercation involving “MAGA jokes” and “pro-Trump comments” at a Hooters restaurant, which was caught on tape.

In June of last year, the actor demanded that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) deport Trump’s children, falsely suggesting that as the offspring of legal immigrants they qualified as “anchor babies.”

In 2017, The Smurfs actor called on President Trump to “deport police.”

“You wanna make the streets safer deport the police,” said Lopez.

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While gallivanting around Los Angeles with friends a few summers ago, the Balls of Fury actor pretended to “pee” on President Trump’s Hollywood Star by placing a water bottle near his crotch and pouring the contents onto the plaque while grimacing.

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  2. You have to feel sorry for these actors who are only legends in their own minds. Without a script, they are nothing & they prove it every time they voice an ‘opinion’. Thank God the rest of us have a clue how to live in the Real World.

  3. In a sane world his career would be over and he would be shunned but in Hollywood world he will most likely face no consequences.

  4. Never heard of this creep …& I’ve saw a LOT OF MOVIES!! He must not be MUCH of an actor.
    I wonder if he thinks he’s supposed to look like some kind of a “bad@ss” holding that sledgehammer. 😀 PuLEEEASE!
    BAD @SSES don’t need, OR use, “props” to prove ANY-thing.
    Trump could beat his @ss with both hands tied to his feet! Ha!
    I *CAN see why the guy might be full of hate & rage & self-loathing tho….since, … well…*DAMN he’s ugly!!

  5. Goldengourd writes: “Without a script, they are nothing”.

    Evidently this guy is nothing even WITH a script! 😀 I’ve certainly never heard of him, & I watch a *LOT OF movies!

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