Schiff Seems Ready to Toss Joe Biden Under the Bus


There are increasing signs that Joe Biden stole classified documents, and stored them in places such as his home at the Communist Chinese-supported Penn Biden Center, in his garage, and in cardboard boxes in his garage is more serious than initially thought.

Sunday, defenestrated House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, who bills himself as the “outgoing chairman,” appeared in ABC’s “This Week” with Jonathan Karl. During that appearance, he said that Congress should receive a damage assessment of the stolen documents and he was going to “reserve judgment” on the matter until all the evidence was in. This is a stark departure from how he treated President Trump’s case, where he virtually accused him of high treason before the FBI agents had finished fondling Melania’s underwear (to be clear, she was not wearing them at the time).

It was strange to see Schiff reduced to a wait-and-watch position, given his history of lying and tirelessly defending Biden. Even the most partisan Democrats are avoiding defending Biden, as I noted in my earlier post (Chuck Todd Joins Media Crowd Losing their Crap over Joe Biden’s Pilfered Secret Papers). Nick Arama, my colleague covers Jamie Raskin’s sleazy behavior when asked about the Biden document theft. (CNN and ABC Nail Schiff on the Biden Classified Documents Scandal.

I doubt Schiff does not know the subject and document classifications. The Intelligence Community is now a Democrat plantation. It is difficult to imagine a set of facts in which Schiff hasn’t been given an inventory of the items found. We would know if the documents were not there because the Democrats don’t want to or need to drag this scandal out for more than a week.

The tepid defense by Schiff and others leads me to believe there is damned little goodwill between Congressional Democrats and Biden and that he’s going to sink or swim on this without their help.