SCOTUS Update, Radical Pro-Abortion Tactics Are Backfiring


Justice Samuel Alito leaked his majority decision to overturn Roe V. Wade. The Supreme Court’s actual position remains to be a big question.

Last week, a report said that votes to repeal Roe would still be valid. However, John Roberts stated that he would attempt to persuade his fellow colleagues to make a moderate choice. He would retain Roe but would make the viability threshold in order to allow for pro-life legislation. This would be an attempt by the left to fuel divisions over abortion.

Does that seem like an attempt to appease? Do some conservatives want to switch sides? It seems that the left’s bizarre, illegal tactics are backfiring.

POLITICO discovered that Justice Samuel Alito’s February majority opinion overturning Roe was the court’s only circulated draft. None of the conservative justices that voted with Alito originally have changed their votes.

After more than a week, the votes remain unchanged. Alito’s draft dates back to February. There has not been a majority decision and it has not circulated over the past three months to try to soften the ruling.

It appears that the left’s aggressive response, including protesting outside Justices’ homes, has not paid dividends. The acrobatics won’t help but solidify the final outcome.

While it is annoying to see the right make so much fuss about this issue, I believe that it is important to keep the law in place for Alito’s family. This matter is politically losing, both for the Supreme Court as well as the election.