Sen. Fetterman Defies Biden, Demands Stronger US Support for Israel Against Iran Attacks


In an interview with the Philadelphia Daily News on Sunday, Sen. John Fetterman (D-Pa.) said that he did not agree with Biden’s stance on the U.S. joining an offensive against Iran and that he would “never capitulate” to the fringe of his party.

CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Fetterman for a response to reports that Biden had told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a Saturday conversation that the U.S. would not participate in offensive operations against Iran.

Do you believe that is the right decision or should U.S. military actions be directed, as some colleagues in the Senate suggest, should this be on the table?” He asked.

“I don’t agree, but I think we should just follow and make sure Israel is on our side.” I disagree with the president. It doesn’t matter that I don’t agree with the president. He’s still a great president. “I’m proud to campaign with him, and vote for him,” he responded.

Tapper asked Fetterman if he could respond to Marco Rubio who claimed that the White House leaking information about Biden and Netanyahu’s conversation was “offensive” because it indicated Biden trying to “appease his far-left party”.

“The president has the right to hold his own opinions and do whatever he wants. But I wouldn’t capitulate. I won’t pander to them either. Hamas is convinced that they are winning the PR battle. They’re not going to negotiate now. “They think they’re going hold on to the end,” Fetterman said.

“I know why they won’t provide any proof of life. Why isn’t there more discussion about this in the media? What happened to the hostages, for example? What happened to them? What happened to them? Bring them back home! Hamas should take the brunt of all harsh words, as it was they who started this. “And now, they continue to hold over 100 Israelis hostage,” he added.

Fetterman said Hamas would end the war if it released its hostages today.