Sen. John Kennedy: Biden’s ‘I’m Only Senile Some of the Time’ Slogan Spells Defeat


John Kennedy is a master of words. His scathing humor makes fools and unprepared judges tremble at his sharp questions.

The Republican Senator from Louisiana, who appeared on Fox News Friday night, summarized Joe Biden’s future political career in his unique way. He said that, after the President’s disastrous performance at the debate and the subsequent faltering ABC Interview, “there was no way to make this catwalk backward.”

Kayleigh: “I don’t know if interviews like those the President gave tonight are important at this time. Kennedy told the cat that it couldn’t walk backward.” “People saw the 90-minute debate and I think they think it’s just a matter of time before Biden stumbles once again because they know that old age does not get better but worse.”

He claimed that the media was covering up Biden’s mental decline, and said that most Americans knew who they were going to vote for.

He continued, “Fairly and unfairly I think that most Americans have already made up their mind. I believe they’ve concluded that President Biden’s old, and that he has suffered for some time from some type of neurodegenerative disorder. The White House and members of the media industry complex have covered up the cover-up, and I think that this cover-up is toxic.”

Kennedy is not only a master of words, he also has an incredibly sharp mind.

Kennedy believes that Biden’s slogan is a problem.

“I think that President Biden is dead politically. He’s as dead as fried poultry. Kennedy continued to speak as McEnany started to respond. He can now leave, he could be replaced — just let me finish my thought. Or he could run and lose.” As one commentator said today, you can’t run for President of the United States with a slogan like “I’m only senile sometimes.”

I admit that this one made me laugh. He added that if you are worried about the state of politics in the United States, do not look to Washington D.C. as a source of reassurance.

You shouldn’t turn to Washington, D.C. in this difficult time for comfort or wisdom. Kennedy stated that “most people in Washington, D.C. would unplug the life support system to charge their phone.” Most people in Washington, D.C. are concerned about the impact of President Obama’s problems on them personally. I’m interested in the opinions of Americans.

Kennedy is one of the funniest politicians, and he is usually right on with his observations. He is certainly here.