Sen. Josh Hawley Asks FTC To Investigate Amazon Deal To Buy Medical Clinic Chain


Senator Josh Hawley (Republican from Missouri) sent a letter recently to the FTC asking for a review of Amazon’s proposed merger with One Medical. This chain of clinics would be Amazon’s latest attempt to dominate the healthcare sector.

In a letter, Sen. Josh Hawley (Republican from Missouri) requested that the FTC investigate the $3.9 billion deal between Amazon Medical and One Medical.

Hawley stated in the letter that “I recognize that the FTC currently engages in many efforts to combat America’s accelerating economic concentration, and the power of tech giants.” However, I urge that you prioritize a thorough review of this transaction.

Hawley stated that Amazon would acquire enormous amounts of patient data. He acknowledged that HIPAA, and other privacy laws, could “thwart worst possible abuses”, but he also noted that there are “loopholes” in all legal frameworks.

Hawley said that privacy-related scenarios, once dismissed as scaremongering fictions are now very real possibilities. He stated, “For example, if an individual has high blood pressure, will they later advertise over-the-counter blood pressure medication whenever he shops in Whole Foods Market?”

Hawley claimed that Amazon’s market dominance would be reinforced and that it may even change the power dynamics in the primary care sector.