Sen. Kennedy Probes Biden’s Plunging Popularity


Fox broadcast a report about thousands of people who are flooding the border via train. We already knew there was a record number of people coming in.

Biden has done nothing to stop this madness. Arizona Democrat Gov. Katie Hobbs, tired of waiting for the federal government’s main job – to secure the Southern border – to be done, issued an executive order on Friday to place National Guard soldiers there.

John Kennedy, a senator from Louisiana, was interviewed by Fox. They asked him about his thoughts on the images of thousands of people arriving in the U.S. via train to cross the border illegally.

Kennedy explained: “This is what’s happening, and it doesn’t take Euclid to understand it.”

“President Biden has political problems.” His poll numbers are almost at the bottom of the ocean. 70% of Americans think that his first vehicle was a chariot. His VP sometimes talks as if she is from outer space.

Kennedy said that the border is a major factor in their problems. It’s wide open.

Kennedy explained that it’s easy to fix. “Just don’t let people come in.”

Why wouldn’t Joe Biden? Because he is a slave of the lunatic wing of the Democratic Party.

Kennedy stated that many White House staffers make policy based on their “pumpkin spices lattes and man purses” and believe in an open border. He said that Biden sent a national security bill to Congress, but they refused to pass it until Biden secured the border.

Biden replied, “Surely you’re not being serious.” Republicans responded, “Don’t even call me Shirley. We are serious.” Kennedy claimed that when Biden suggested he may have to act, the “loony wing” “beat him up like he stole Christmas.”

Kennedy concluded that we wouldn’t get a deal until Joe Biden accepted the fact that “we have to secure our border.”

Biden’s incoherence and bad policies will sink him, as well as his border issue.

Joe Biden does not want to answer this simple question. He may only want people to believe he is addressing the issue before the election. People know his number, and that’s the reason his approval rating is so low. As Kennedy put it so well, only 33 percent approve, while 64 percent disapprove.

Talk about being in deep trouble. Kennedy was right on target.