Sen. Sinema and DHS Sec. Mayorkas Clash Over Ending Title 42 Amid Border Surge


On “Face the Nation”, Sunday, Department of Homeland Security Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas expressed his views about the end of Title 42. He was radically opposed by independent Arizona Senator Kyrsten S. Sinema.

“Title 42 is going away on Thursday and everyone in Arizona knows that we are not ready.” “Biden’s administration had more than two years to prepare but did not.” “Our state will bear the brunt, and migrants could be in crisis by next week,” said Kyrsten S. Sinema of Arizona in an interview that aired on Sunday morning with Margaret Brennan.

Sinema’s Interview was recorded at the McCain Institute’s Sedona Forum on Friday.

“Well, I respectfully differ with the senator and the governor. First, we’re prepared. Number two, our migration information center is set up specifically to communicate with local and state officials,” stated DHS Sec. Mayorkas also spoke with Brennan in an interview that aired on Sunday.

Brennan, who pointed out that Democrats controlled the Senate and pushed back against Mayorkas’s comments, blamed a “broken immigration system” dating back to the 1990s.

Mayorkas responded to Brennan’s question by saying that it appeared as though Democrats had “conceded” to Republicans on immigration. He praised the immigration systems in Canada and Spain and said it was “incredibly unfortunate” that the United States could not match them.

Mayorkas informed Brennan that Title 42 had been in preparation for over a year and a half. He called it ending a regional challenge that required a regional response.

The DHS secretary emphasized that “the agency never received adequate resources.”

Brennan pointed out that processing centers have not yet been established in Colombia or Guatemala. Mayorkas stated that the Colombian center, which is currently at the forefront, should be operational within a few weeks.

Mayorkas seemed to dismiss statements made by Sinema and Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs, (D), about DHS not sharing information on the number of migrants, processing time, bus transportation, and funding for emergency shelters.

On Saturday, Sen. Sinema retweeted an AZ Central op-ed that said the Biden Administration wasn’t doing enough for Arizona’s border.

She wrote: “The Administration should follow me and @RepCiscomani in putting politics aside and securing the border.”

Title 42 was a policy implemented during the Trump Administration to deter illegal immigration. It did this by sending migrants back to their countries of origin based on COVID-19 risk. Title 42 expires on Thursday.

Below you can watch the full interview between CBS News’ Margaret Brennan and DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.