Sen. Vance Slams Biden FCC Nominee Over Racially Charged Tweets


J.D., a Republican from Ohio. Vance, a Republican from Ohio, slammed Tuesday’s nomination for the Federal Communications Commission. (FCC).

Tuesday’s hearings saw Gigi Sohn appear before Congress and was questioned several senators, including Ted Cruz (Republican from Texas). Biden renominated Sohn to the position following her unsuccessful nomination. This was despite disagreements over past left-wing activism.

Vance attacked tweets shared by Sohn and provided her with a hypothetical in which he would replace the names or races of the people mentioned in the Tweets.

“President Obama is a raggedy, black supremacist President and his cowardly accomplices would rather kill everyone than stop killing white people.”

Sohn stated, “I didn’t get it, could you please re-read that? Would you mind?”

Vance then reread the tweet and asked Sohn the exact same question.

Sohn stated, “I would like to know more about the context,” before Vance stated that he does not believe such a person should be nominated.

Vance replied, “You retweeted exactly the same thing, but with ‘President Trump’ instead of ‘President Obama’ and the races [were] reversed.” Let me read you another tweet and ask you if you think this is acceptable behavior for an FCC Commissioner. “Angry black woman, not good look, Judge Brown Jackson”

Sohn stated, “Seeing it does not have anything to do with their position that they seek so not necessarily,” before acknowledging that she had tweeted something about Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.
Sohn had previously posted a tweet similar to Vance’s hypothetical, in which Kavanaugh’s name and race were used instead of Jackson’s.

“We live in a country with a lot of diversity… one thing that keeps our country’s racial harmony and racial comedy alive is that our leaders don’t use that racial harmony and comedy like a toddler who found their daddy’s gun. Talking about racial issues in an inflaming way will only lead to the worst in our country. Vance stated that she fears that if you are given this authority, you will continue to inflame, and possibly even censor, on the basis of some of these ideas.”

Sohn was first nominated in October 2021. After two nomination hearings, the Senate did not vote to confirm her. Senate Commerce Committee members examined her past as a director at Locast, an now-defunct online streaming site. After broadcasters sued Locast for retransmitting local broadcasts, a judge ruled Locast in violation of copyright law.