Nancy Pelosi loses out, Republican controlled senate going ahead to acquit Trump without Article of impeachment


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Senate Vs Nancy Pelosi

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) appears to be considering an idea Democrats have floated for several days of holding back the articles of impeachment to exercise leverage over the Senate and the president.


She declined formally to transmit the articles to the Senate on Wednesday evening after the House voted to impeach President Donald Trump.

Unfortunately for them, the Senate can act, regardless — and would vote to acquit.

That’s because the Constitution is absolutely clear about the Senate’s authority. Article I, Section 3 says: “The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments.”

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The Chief Justice presides over a trial involving the president, but the Senate makes the rules. And the Senate is controlled by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who regards what the House has done with contempt.

You’re in Cocaine Mitch’s court, now.

Politico outlined Democrats’ new idea, citing constitutional lawyer Laurence Tribe (but, interestingly, not the Constitution itself). Pelosi hopes to pressure McConnell into holding a “fair trial” — this, after she and her party broke every relevant House rule and precedent, and several Amendments in the Bill of Rights, all in the name of their “sole Power of Impeachment.

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  1. McConnel, I hope you don’t give the House Democrats the time of day seeing that they think they’re above the law with the Trump impeachment. They only did the impeachment because the Dems hates the man, regardless what Pelosi says, she hates him. We need to put an end to this CRAP and get on with what we’re paying our hard earned money for like the wall, beefing up military, ICE, etc.
    The Democratic party should be sued for lost funds that was uselessly spent. People like Schiff needs to go to prison for fraud and what ever other charges that could be brought against him.

  2. McConnell has the authority to end this whole thing immediately. That’s what he should do. What the hell he is waiting for who knows. End it now and give the American public some piece of mind.

  3. Bottom line for all Americans. This immoral acts is to undue the 2016 election, nothing more. Regardless of party affiliation, if this was against who you voted for would support this action??? Next time it could be against your candidate remember that.

  4. That LYING BUNCH of TRAITORS must be Arrested and put on trial for Treason ! If convicted . They must forfeit all of their assets . Inorder to repay these American People and the government . Because of all of the tax payers money that they have waisted !

  5. Amen..well said.. Now they’re back on the Russia crap..president Trump has the right to talk to who the hell ever he wants. About what he wants. Back to Trump is a russian spy!!

  6. The Democrat leadership and former admin swamp leaders DOJ, FBI, CIA, Secretary of State, AG, etc. Are all involved with drug and human trafficking, kickbacks from foreign aid, bribes by foreign powers like Saudi Arabia, Russia, China, Ukraine, and such. They see their golden goose power going down the tubes and themselves being expose for the organized criminals that they are. They are fighting to distract everyone from their legacy of crime, hence the hoaxes and false accusations. This is going to be interesting to watch during the run up to 2020.

  7. The Demoncrats really Think that We the People are blind and stupid. Apparently not one of us is able to read or comprehend anything. Every Patriotic American Citizen should get yourself a copy of the Constitution and read it. In doing so you will see clearly the Demoncrats corruption to the point of treason. Trying to undo our election because every one of them is deeply involved in the very Corruption in Ukraine that Joe and Hunter Biden are. Panic has captured them. Obama committed Treason In Our Faces for years when he was president and I never understood NOT Impeaching him. I hope and pray they all hang.

  8. There is no Constitutional requirement for an elaborate hand-off of Impeachment Charges or agreement on how the Senate conducts it’s trial, and that’s all they are – Charges. The Senate can go ahead and start the hearings and invite the Democrats to make their case to them, allow the President to rebut the charges. Have a vote and get it done with without the formal hand-off which is just a contrivance, not a requirement of the Constitution.

  9. I’m sick of this damn corruption from these politicians. It’s high-time their asses are arrested, sent to Guantanamo Bay and face military tribunals, if found guilty, be put to death immediately!!!

  10. We, the people WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE!! Get these LOW LIFE SCUMBAGS *OUT of our gov! IMMEDIATELY!! WE will NOT STAND FOR IT ANY LONGER!! ENOUGH OF THIS CRAP IS ENOUGH! If these maggots are not taken out soon then WE THE PEOPLE should take matters into our OWN HANDS!! This is OUR COUNTRY & WE ARE *PAYING these treasonous bastards to BREAK EVERY LAW IN THE BOOKS & TO GET AWAY WITH IT!!! WTH!!???
    It’s time SOMEBODY puts a STOP TO THIS INSANITY!! If the gov cannot do it …then WE, THE PEOPLE, *WILL.

  11. We should Remove her ala office for wasting all this money I think that should be the next thing we do is vote to have her removed

  12. everyone needs to be writing their representatives and demand that this circus be over so that the House, that is so corrupt can be put on trial and those who are found guilty of the countless crimes that have been committed can then go to prison. We need to remind our representatives that they work for us!!! Sick of this waste of taxpayer;s money. The Demonrats have gotten away with way too much for way too long!

  13. Yes, and then she shoiuld have to pay with the millions that she has stolen from the American people for this circus!! I am done with it! I have let my representatives know!

  14. All that u said n more to be revealed. Satanic witches n warlocks, baby sacrifices n cannibalism plus they want to control mankind with the new LookingGlass knowledge of the frequency of God technology. See Tru Reporting Johnfohelp interview.

  15. Yes its up to us its 2020 they didnt want to leave to us she said why because we are going to vote the lying dems out the playing feild has changed we see them now for what they are 3rd rate pol. No more of these fool that dont want to work for us not someone that wants our money its our gov our tax money they have been stealing for to long trump is working for us all of us an the dems want you to work for them something wrong with this puture time to take back our country vote thats what they dont want the red wave is 2020 we are coming for the dems we are free an going to show the dems no we dont work for you vote everybody we most the left is fighting hard to take our countrt save our grandkids from left stay free red all the way

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