Seven Men Sexually Assaulted and Filmed Two Toddlers at The Galleria Mall in Houston, Texas


Hector Fernandez was arrested for federal charges of child abuse. Hector Fernandez was working at a Galleria Kiosk when he was arrested. Hector Fernandez could face life imprisonment and the judge ordered that he be held without bail.

The case began with the discovery of four videos by the Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation in “a dark Internet forum that was only available to those who had been invited”

The FBI used image mapping software to find a child that looked similar to one of two victims who appeared in the video. Both children were under the age of two. An adult relative of the child recognized the “sanitized” image of the victim from the video. This relative also identified one of men who appeared in the film.

Fernandez worked in a Galleria which was closed, according to the complaint. In the complaint the two children, aged 2 and 3, were the offsprings of women who worked there. To protect the children’s privacy, The Houston Chronicle does not name the women nor the stores.

According to the complaint, both women brought their children to the mall with them when they could not afford childcare. They regarded Fernandez a friend. He was allowed to take their children to the shopping center while they were at work.

The complaint states that Fernandez is identifiable by the silver bracelets worn in three videos by a male. Two women have identified the bracelets to be Fernandez. Fernandez has also been photographed wearing the bracelets via his social media accounts.

Authorities do not know when the videos were recorded. A woman said that Fernandez had brought her relative to a mall in December 2022 and taken her child trick-or-treating without her presence. Another woman claimed Fernandez showed her relative the mall one time this summer.

However, YMMV.

This type of crime is on the rise. Fernandez, along with six “besties”, are linked to a case in Atlanta that has disappeared.

FBI agents arrested a FBI agent in Texas for alleged gang rape at Houston Galleria Mall. This assault was recorded and posted on the internet. Hector Fernandez was arrested. Hector Fernandez worked at a Galleria Kiosk.

This phenomenon can be caused by a number of factors, according to me.

The use of social media is a key factor. People can share videos, and “tactics”, and other techniques. There are also forums that are only accessible to those who receive an invitation. Serial murderers may also have a forum on the dark web.

The second reason is that society does not want to accept evil. It is not just a personality disorder, or impulsiveness. These are real, evil people who cannot be stopped or even rehabilitated.

The pedo antenna will start to buzz if I have a non-related friend babysitting my child.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has signed a bill that extends death penalty for child rapists. The case challenges the 2008 Supreme Court ruling in Kennedy vs. Louisiana, which prohibited the executions of child rapists. Roberts, Scalia Thomas and Alito are the dissenters.

They will not be stopped. I believe society should send a strong message of disgust.