Should We Stop Saying That Progressives are Out of Touch?


The most common talking point on the right is the fact that Democrats have proven they are out of touch with American citizens over the last couple of years with their drift further to the left. This is a common maxim that I also repeat. However, I’ve come to realize that this is not as true as it seems. The reality is worse.

You’re old enough now to recall all the controversy over Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill. Democrats and their friends and allies in activist media raised a lot of noise in protest at the idea that teachers wouldn’t be allowed to teach children 7 years old and under about gender identity and homosexuality. It was even called the “Don’t Say Gay bill”.

However, polling revealed that Americans didn’t support the measure. In fact, at least one poll found that only 52 percent of Florida Democratic primary voters supported this measure. Another study showed that people favor the law. The progressive left continued to fight, with Disney’s help.

Leftists used George Floyd’s murder to push silly initiatives such as “Defund Police” in the hope that it would protect black lives. They bullied major cities across America into cutting police budgets in such a way that fewer officers patrolled the streets. In San Francisco, Chesa Boudin, one of the most prominent district attorneys in America was hard at work protecting violent criminals. These approaches were, evidently, far less secure and at least partially responsible for the skyrocketing crime rate that followed. San Francisco’s residents were so fed up that they voted to remove Boudin from office in California’s primary elections this week.

Even more concerning is the fact that black communities are disproportionately affected by rising crime rates and fewer police officers. African Americans accounted for the largest number of victims of violent crime, including homicide. Yet, progressives continued to attack police despite polling showing that 81 percent of black Americans wanted the same level or more police activity in their communities.

Last, but not least, President Joe Biden, along with progressives, are pushing for a shift toward green energy amid skyrocketing gas prices. Former President Donald Trump wanted to make America energy independent, but Biden reversed his course shortly after taking office. Because of the massive inflation, Americans now pay almost twice as much at the pumps and are taxing their pockets just to buy groceries. Biden and his merry band of Democrats in Congress refuse to allow additional drilling and oil production in America.

This progressive approach to solving America’s energy crisis is completely against what the majority of Americans want. According to a Heartland/Rasmussen poll, 82 percent of likely voters were “very” or “somewhat concerned about the rising prices of oil and gas under this administration. 60 percent said that they would support legislation to “dramatically increase American oil production.”

It turns out that most Americans are not able to just buy a Tesla-like Pete Buttigieg, Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) and other leftists suggested.

These and many other examples would make it clear that progressives don’t get average citizens. They won’t even try to have conversations with ordinary people about the problems they face.

However, I have come to realize that my assumption is not only incorrect but also dangerous.

These people are in touch with the American public. They know what people want. They don’t ignore the views of normal people. They understand what we think. They don’t care about how we feel about the direction the country is going.

They know better. We should shut up and follow their lead. Progressives will push their crazy ideas about race, gender, and sexuality in public K-12 schools. They will continue to oppose school choice and limit educational options. Your grandkids and kids belong to the state. Therefore, they feel it is perfectly justified to encourage youths to transition to other genders without notifying their parents.

Democrats have stopped supporting the absurd “defund the Police” movement. They have not given up, however. The Woke district attorneys continue to ensure that criminals receive lenient treatment. They continue to enact soft-on-crime policies, even against gun violence. However, they are trying to limit gun ownership for responsible Americans.

It’s the exact same story when it comes to gas prices. You will need to find a Tesla if you want some relief from the pump. These inflated prices don’t harm the elites, but they do not harm them as they do for the plebes.

Progressives aren’t out of touch. They don’t know what they are doing. They are would-be elitist tyrants who want more power. They believe they are the best people for the masses. Leftists believe they have more knowledge than we do about what we need. This is the reality we face.

This does not apply to moderate liberals or average progressives. It is applicable to the Marxist intelligentsia and their comrades in the activist media. Let’s not give them the benefit of doubt. They do not deserve our understanding or our good-faith conversations. They are not able to be reasoned with. They must be defeated.