Small Business Owner Voices Despair Over Biden’s Economy: ‘We Can’t Endure Another 4 Years’


The Republican South Carolina primary elections begin on Saturday, February 24.

Residents of South Carolina are calling for Trump’s return and an economic turnaround just two days before the Republican primary election in South Carolina.

One local businesswoman, reporting from the Golden Egg Pancake House on Surfside Beach in South Carolina, expressed her feelings about the impact of the Biden Administration on the everyday lives of Americans.

It’s been crippling us for the last four years. We cannot take another four years. The female small-business owner told “Varney & Co.” on Thursday that if he remains in office, they will lose their business.

We need to act. “All of us voters need to go out and vote,” continued she. If not, then our businesses will go.”

On Saturday, GOP voters will be heading to South Carolina’s primary elections where they can vote for former President Donald Trump or former Palmetto State Governor. Nikki Haley is the Republican frontrunner for president.

Biden’s economic policies have left a South Carolina businesswoman “crippled” and “suffering.”

The New York Times spoke with 13 independent and undecided voters about Trump and Biden, and what they thought was most important for them going into the election.

Voters aged 22-64 were the most concerned with the economy. They cited the rising cost of groceries and other bills. Twelve voters said that they would vote based on this issue and eleven of them indicated that they lean towards Trump during the election.

“We’ve suffered so badly in the last four years.” Building materials have risen by almost 600% in the last 2020, a rate that we cannot keep up with. Now you’re at the point that you can’t pay for it,” said the owner of the business.

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You can’t build a home. She added, “Look at the interest rate… You can’t even afford to build a home today.”

A focus-group survey conducted at the diner on Thursday revealed that four voters were undecided, while five or six backed Haley. The restaurant “erupted,” when Trump was mentioned.