Smolletting, Race-Hoaxing And Media Enablers


Five years ago, five black Air Force Academy Preparatory School cadets discovered graffiti that was racially infected. He told his mother and she shared the news via Facebook.

The Air Force Academy’s chief quickly assembled both campuses and delivered a fiery speech. It was praised by Joe Biden as well as John McCain.

It was not necessary. It was founded upon a lie.

One of the cadets discovered the “racist slurs”. One of the cadets also discovered them.

Five years ago, the “racism message” was posted online. One could easily assume that a racist incident took place if one were to look at the message today.

Hoaxes about racism and bigotry are more common than actual racism.

Smollett was convicted for criminal negligence but claims victimhood.

Before Duke returned home, the racism claim was disproven. Richardson stated that the claims of racism were refuted by eyewitnesses and that there was no evidence. Everyone has a smartphone that has a camera and microphone. Although there wasn’t any evidence to support this claim, it didn’t stop people from race-baiting.

Smith was multi-tasking and shouted at America several times. Jemele Hill also tweeted.

Some tweets by her include the following:

“White people ain’t never had their ass kicked before. But they should get used to it. ”


“White women and men always disappoint”

Pamplin is a lawyer. Pamplin also runs for an open judgeship.

What’s Pamplin’s “best selling point”?

This video is 14 seconds long and features rolling photos of Pamplin. For fourteen seconds, the rap lyrics read: “You black girls.

Solomon, she’s not

The country is now less wealthy due to hoaxing and new Smolletting patterns. Many blacks believe in baseless claims and continue to believe lies, regardless of there being no evidence. Others may disbelieve the original claim, and demand evidence.

I’m jaded. Show me your receipts. Thank you, Jussie.