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On Friday it was reported that several members of the Iranian militia, as well as several “ guests”, were killed by rocket fire near the Baghdad International Airport.

The PMF led by Gen. Soleimani,responsible for the recent siege of the US Embassy in Baghdad – the senior official in charge of public relations, Mohammed Jabiri, had been killed in the attack.

Iraqi state-run media said Friday that the deputy head of the PMF, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, and the head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Quds Force unit, Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani were killed in the incident of a retaliatory attack by US.

In response the Iranians have further threatened to attack 35 targeted U.S sites on Saturday in an unconfirmed report.

The Iraqi’s in whoms homeland the US embassy was attacked have also sent a text of the draft resolution voted by the Iraqi Parliament’s call on the government to end the presence of any foreign forces in #Iraq|i territory and prevent any foreign forces from using the Iraqi airspace according to Al Hadath Agency,this is in a protest of the attempted overthrow of Gov. By foreign forces.

Trump responding to continuous worries from warmongers and warphobians(pun intended) alike have threatened further attack on the middle eastern Nation, noting there attacked US first and Gen. Soleimani’s murder was only a retaliatory action,recommiting his vows of duty to protect all American lives at any cost.

The Potus tweeted:

Trump also warned that the U.S have 52 Iranian sites in missile target,stressing that the US Government possesses enough intelligence and millitary power to deal with any foreign threat.

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Alot of critics see the murder of Soleimani as an offensive act of war against Iran,but on the flipside what the heck should a president putting his country first do? Remember what happened in Benghazi under Obama/Hillary,an ambassador along with four Americans killed because we had a corrupt executive? Well not anymore.


Top democratic presidential hopefull,Joe biden acknowledges Soleimani as an enemy of the the state’s,although describing his asssasination by Trump’s U.S as “dropping a dynamite in a jackbox”,seems more like dropping a dynamite where it should be,on Soleimani’s head.

Soleimani in the past have been named among the top influencers of the 9/11 terrorist attack-story on that developing) and also the taking hostage of 52 American citizens,he was a close ally of Obama in the shameful Iran-Nuclear deal era which president Trump’s administration stalled in the first qaurter of his administration as US president,little wonder why there sworn enemies and the bitterness leading to the provocative attack on the US embassy.

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  1. God Bless President Trump he is a hero and the best and greatest President that you Americans have ever had. I wish he was President over my Country. I feel safe and hopeful having President Trump making the world a safer place.

  2. Congress and others need to wake UP and protect America from the invasion from within the white house and democrates are abusing powers not President Trump who fixing America while the rest hide behind their paychecks and desk doing nothing but taking bribes from Soros and otherscountry who try to use them as a pawn ..America sees what going on and when it comes to our constitution other countries need to stay out of our business (china)and our right to protect our families which democrates are not doing.as far as this goes President was protecting America and military and Americans and if Omar and others don’t like it …TUFF..No INFRINGEMENT means just that…

  3. Thank the Lord we finally have a President who’s sick and tired of appeasing these terroristic nation’s.I have ZERO doubts when it’s all said and done Donald J Trump will go down as one of the greatest Presidents in history.if not the greatest !

  4. President Trump ain’t no punk. I’m down with his decisions whatever he decides to do for our country. They want a second helping, then by-god bring it on, that goes for you too little rocket man, you little snake. Knock your ass off too while we’re just getting warmed up. Wouldn’t take but a fire cracker for you little man. Donald Trump will have his face on our currency, watch and see. You the man!

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