Squad Politics Has Backfired Spectacularly on Democrats


    National Democrats are feeling a lot of buyer’s regret for supporting the politics of Rep. Alexandria OcasioCortez and The Squad. It’s so toxic that the majority of the party is abandoning policies such as renaming schools and toppling statues and defunding police.

    No matter where they live in the country, American voters aren’t radical or don’t consider themselves radical. After realizing the consequences of passing some radical policies, Democrats across the country are reconsidering their support. They see streets and cities as less safe and bitter about unnecessary culture wars. Schools are also experiencing friction and conflict because they are being taught radical views on race, gender and sex.

    The Squad has stretched the boundaries of politics to breaking point, and Democrats are struggling to find a way to return to the center.

    This is part of a slew of evidence that shows the Squad’s progressive activism has pushed the party’s image far left of where most voters live — even the majority of Democratic voters.

    Axios spoke with Josh Gottheimer, a Democratic Representative from New Jersey, who is co-chair of bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus. He said: “What’s happening at home and what I’m focusing on are commonsense, bipartisan options — from tackling grocery prices to fixing taxes and infrastructure to investing in law enforcement to fighting crime.”

    Many Squad members’ aides declined to comment immediately.

    Recent polls by The Democrats’ Campaign Arm showed little support for issues that Democrats and The Squad had been pushing in recent weeks.

    Sixty-one per cent of voters in swing districts agreed with statements like, “Democrats spend money out of control” and, “Democrats teach children as young as five Critical Race Theory which teaches that America and white people are both racist and racist.” 59% also agreed with the statement that, “Democrats too focused on pursuing a agenda that divides us, and judging others who don’t see it their way.”

    It is not even close to a rejection of radical politics. There is nothing in this poll, or several other indicators for Democrats that suggests any hope.

    This is a significant shift from a year ago. Throughout President Biden’s 13-month tenure, the signs have been growing that Squad politics is problematic when you have everything under control.

    Thirty-seven House Democrats, the highest number in decades, have said they will retire and not run in November’s midterms. They don’t see any chance of keeping the majority in such an environment.

    In a series of polls that ask voters whether they would prefer an R or D in a generic House matchup, Democrats consistently lose polls.

    The decisive victory of Republicans in Virginia’s statewide office elections was partly due to Democrats’ inability to appreciate the parents’ doubts about public schools’ policies and mask mandates regarding transgender rights, teaching about race, and approach to teaching.

    According to Politico documents, many swing voters believe the party is too “preachy,” judgmental, and “focused on culture warfares.” Do you sound like someone we know?

    Although The Squad might have millions of followers on Twitter and legions upon Instagram subscribers who follow their every word, the vast majority of Americans who vote are more concerned about the price of milk and the reasons why they fill up their gas tanks with more petrol every day.

    The Democrats will likely trip over themselves as they race back to safety at the center.