Stephanopoulos Lashes Out at Trump in Passionate ‘What’s Really on the Line’ Presidential Election Rant


The Democrat Party’s quasi-official media continues to be more agitated by the prospect of Donald Trump winning the presidential election in November. ABC News “This Week’s” George Stephanopoulos set a great example on Sunday.

Stephanopoulos opened his show with a hysterical take on “What’s in it for Me” regarding the presidential election of 2024. It was truly a popcorn-worthy moment. As expected, the show was dominated by the evils committed by the former president.

Welcome to This Week. Until now, no American President had ever been charged with a crime. A federal indictment was never brought against an American president for concealing and retaining classified documents.

A federal or state indictment was never brought against an American president for trying to overturn a presidential election. Nor had he ever been charged as a co-conspirator with the same crime in two different states. No American president has ever been hit with judgments of hundreds of millions of dollars for defamation, business fraud, and sexual abuse.

Uh-huh. No American president ever had boxes of classified papers stored haphazardly in his garage. There’s also no evidence that the Secret Service has ever confirmed that cocaine was discovered in the White House.

Stephanopoulos continued, in melodramatic fashion:

Up until now, the American presidential election has been defined more by what happens in courtrooms rather than on the campaign trail. Until now. The magnitude of the anomaly is so overwhelming that it can be numbing.

It is all too easy to get caught up in reflective habits. To treat this campaign as a normal one where both parties embrace the rule of law, where both are committed to a discussion based on facts and a peaceful transfer of power.

OK, I’m game, George.

No American presidential campaign has ever been defined more by the illegal alien crisis at America’s southern borders. The incumbent has never been accused of more than a few solid accusations, including serial lying and influence peddling.

Let’s continue playing!

Stephanopoulos continued:

This election year, however, is different. These bedrock principles of our democracy are under test in a manner we haven’t witnessed since the Civil War. This is a test not only for the candidates but also for us media people and all citizens.

No doubt. It’s my turn.

Our democracy is being tested to a level we’ve never seen before because of a president who intentionally caused the illegal alien crisis. The consequences continue to spread throughout the country.

We have a President who caters to a small percentage of the populace at the cost of the greater good. This includes males beating females out of their minds in sporting events, “gender flexibility” and self-selected sexist pronouns.

I could go on. We have a President who supports abortion on demand until the moment of delivery.

And, George? Please don’t bother us with this “test for us media people” nonsense. Those of us in the quasi-official Democrat Party press have long since failed the test for responsible, objective journalism.


George Stephanopoulos represents the left-wing fake journalism that has spread throughout America. The guy is a self-deprecating, disingenuous caricature. He’s been a court jester and a hood ornament for the liberal media clown cars.

Stephanopoulos is afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome, which makes him a D.C. Beltway hack who’s out of touch and unprepared for the realities of 2024 America.