Stephanopoulos Melts Down After Former Trump Attorney Points Out Biden Had Classified Docs


ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos was briefly in a meltdown after former Trump lawyer Jim Trusty pointed to the fact that President Joe Biden had classified documents on his person.

In a Thursday night Truth Social post, the former president Donald Trump revealed that he had been indicted on charges of mishandling over 300 classified documents. Trump stated that his attorneys had been informed of the indictment, and he was summoned by the federal courthouse Miami to appear on Wednesday at 3 pm. ABC News reports that the indictment includes at least seven charges, including conspiracy, willful retention and false representations of national defense data, and false statements.

Stephanopoulos first asked Trusty whether he believed in the principle “no one is above the laws” before asking if Trump should be charged.

Trusty stated that “no one is above the law.” “You have these investigations in Delaware by a president who is a sitting president and has authorized his DOJ (Department of Justice) to try to sink his main opposition’s candidacy while this guy has unsecure documents that he took out of a boat dozens of year ago. Look, we are not talking about –

Stephanopoulos asked. What are you talking? This is a ridiculous claim!”

There’s that issue. Nice try. Anyone who reads newspapers will agree that there is an issue, and that is the Delaware Document Scandal of Joe Biden, where a special prosecutor, Rob Hur is investigating it. Trusty explained that the documents were classified and found in a garage next to a Corvette. They then made their way from Chinatown through Chinatown, all the way to the Penn-Biden Center. “There are 1,850 boxes at the University of Delaware that have not been examined in full.”

Trusty claimed that “you have the ultimate dirty hands of a sitting president, who did not have declassification and had no protection from President Trump. He literally had to steal stuff out of a skiff.” Even Dick Durbin said that Vice President Joe Biden was a scumbag for having classified material in his possession. That’s the issue. You can laugh and pretend that it’s not a problem. The entire country is aware of the concept of unfairness and unequal treatment. This prosecution is about that.

Stephanopoulos stated, “I believe that’s what the issue is.” We will see what happens because I do not think that you have any proof to support any of your charges.”

The Penn Biden Center discovered classified documents prior to the midterm elections of 2022 on November 2. More were reportedly found at the Wilmington, Delaware home of the president in December and early January. Robert Hur was appointed as special counsel by Attorney General Merrick G. Garland to investigate this matter.