Stephen A. Smith’s Shocking Revelation: ‘Ashamed’ of Democratic Party for Failing to Replace Biden


Stephen A. Smith admitted to being “ashamed” of the Democratic Party in an interview with podcaster Patrick Bet-David. He also complained of their “lawfare” which they are waging against former President Trump.

Why are we waging this war on law? On Wednesday’s PBD podcast, he complained that Democrats could not beat Trump in a traditional election.

“Letitia James one after another. The Georgians, Fani Wilis, and others. Mar-A Lago. I mean, is this really what we’re going to do?

Smith, a Democrat who is a vocal critic, slammed his party for not doing anything to stop Trump, the GOP’s presumptive nominee. It is despite the criticism that he has received since his first run for office from his political rivals.

He was shocked and said, “Are you kidding me? ”

“Four indictments, 91 counts and the man still gets more campaign cash, okay? “He added, “And last time I checked, he was still not in cuffs, or behind bars.” “And he’s the presumed GOP candidate. ”

He can’t be stopped. His co-hosts were told, “You cannot stop this man.”

Smith continued his criticism of the Democrats by saying “I’m ashamed of their lackluster competition spirit.”

He said, “You have been trying to find someone since 2016 and you are unable to do so. This is absurd. There is no other excuse.”

He asked the party to be more specific and stated, “It is 2024.” “You should have chosen someone else to challenge this man than an 82-year-old incumbent.

Bet-David asked Smith whether he wanted Democrats to win the 2024 elections. Smith replied that it was “fair”, but also “hard to comprehend”.