Surprising Shift: Black Men Abandoning Democratic Party to Back Trump


Bless Joe Biden. In less than four short years, the arguably worst American president has deliberately messed up America, far beyond anything I could have imagined he would be capable of. Barack Obama said it correctly, “Never undervalue Joe’s capacity to screw things up.”

How bad is it?

In a new Wall Street Journal survey, 30 percent of black males in seven swing states support former president Donald Trump instead of Biden. Trump received only 12 percent support from black male voters in 2020. This is a major shift that hurts Biden much more than Trump. It means the traditional coalition between disparate voting groups will have to hold for a Democrat to win the White House. Joe’s campaign is on life support. I don’t think he’s stepping up his game, but it’s a major shift that hurts him more than Trump.

Here’s more:

Biden is still expected to win the majority of black male voters with 57% backing the Democrat. The poll indicates a 30-point drop in support for black male voters when compared with the results of the 2020 elections.

42% of the black women polled said they were still unsure or persuadable about their vote. In 2020, only 6% of women of color voted for Trump. Now, 11% of people said they will definitely or likely vote for Trump.

In 2024, the projected black voting population is 34.4 million — or 14% of all voters.

Adrianne Shropshire is the head of BlackPAC a Democrat super PAC. She said what was impossible.

Persuasion is aimed at getting people to switch from Trump and third parties to Biden.

Good luck to you, Mrs. Shropshire. Joe Biden is a man who has sinned against himself on many levels.

What’s even more striking?

American politics could be about to undergo a racial realignment. Donald Trump is within striking distance of winning a majority of Hispanics and up to 20% of black voters, according to polls. This would be a record-breaking showing for a Republican.

Polls indicate that there has been little change among white voters since 2020. This means that changes among nonwhite voters may decide the outcome of the election. Trump is almost certain to win if even a small realignment occurs. If not, Trump is the underdog.

Lara Trump is his daughter-in-law and the co-chair of the Republican National Committee. She has expressed support for legal ballot harvesting.

The GOP must go further to convince non-whites, especially men, of their rightward shift. These votes may also be decisive in a Senate battleground that now includes Michigan and Nevada.

This is the most important thing.

We can either moan and complain about the 2020 elections for the rest of our lives or we can accept the fact that the Democrat Party does a much better job at playing a legal election season game, while stubbornly continuing with an old Election Day Game. That’s it. If we want things to go back to Election Day, we need to win elections.