Survey: Majority of U.S. Workers Feel Income Lagging Behind Inflation


Two-thirds (or 63%) of full-time American employees say that their income hasn’t kept pace with inflation.

Rasmussen Reports published new survey results in February showing that the inflation rate continues to rise (though at a slower pace). Only 29% of respondents said that their incomes kept pace with inflation. Rasmussen says that these numbers have worsened from October when 55% of full-time U.S. employees reported not being able to keep up with inflation.

Rasmussen explained this as well:

51 % of Americans who are employed full-time say that they have increased their work hours or taken on an additional job to keep up with inflation. These results are unchanged since the October survey.

Of course, inflation is more severe for those with lower incomes. So, 63% of people with an annual income between $30,000 and $50,000 had to work more hours or take on extra jobs. Only 19% of those with an annual income over $200,000 had to add extra hours. Bidenomics is worse for the American workers Biden claims to be helping!

Ironically, Biden tried (falsely), in January, to claim that he was the solution for American workers when he was the problem. Biden’s Twitter account stated: “I know some prices are too high for many.” “I will do everything I can to reduce costs, from medicine and energy bills to hidden junk fees that companies use to scam you. I will not stop fighting for American families and workers.

The numbers do not include the impact of inflation on part-time or unemployed workers. They only cover those 53% of Americans who have a full-time position. Rasmussen said that men (58%) were more likely than women (50%) to be employed full-time. Women, however, had a higher likelihood of having incomes that exceeded inflation. Democrats and government employees are more likely than others to report that their income has kept pace with inflation.

Majorities of all racial categories – 64% whites, 62% blacks, and 71% other minorities – say that their incomes have not kept pace with inflation in the last two years.

Biden’s economic policies are a disaster for Americans who are struggling to get by.