Taco Bell’s Crime Concerns: Resident’s Response in Oakland


Oakland, California, is one of America’s crime capitals. This is evident not only by its increasing (by double-digits) violent crimes but also by the number of businesses and residents who are leaving for greener pastures. It looks like, as one business leader in the area called it, a “ghost city.”

In the last six months, Oakland has been hit hard by the closure of many restaurants. The first In-N’-Out Burger joint closed after 18 years and the Denny’s at Hegenberger Rd shut down after 54 years.

Why? Their reasons?

We’ve already noted that the situation in Oakland is out of control. Even the local NAACP has called out the so-called local leaders and the “Defund the Police”, activists, for the rapid crime-based decline. California Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, has sent 120 additional California Highway Patrol officers to help the cash-strapped Police Department combat crime.

Taco Bell confirmed that the actions of Gavin Newsom have not been very effective. Several locations in Oakland will be closing their restaurants and only offering drive-thru service, without cash, soon.

DailyMail.com reports that the four restaurants, all owned by Diversified Restaurant Group DRG, decided to close their doors due to a rise in violent crime in the city.

Insiders claim that the move was a “safety decision and a business decision”.

Oakland has only one indoor restaurant left, the combination Taco Bell/KFC at Telegraph Avenue. This venue is run by a separate franchisee and has limited indoor seating because of its size.

Taco Bell PR explained to the media the reasons behind the decision to only offer drive-thru service:

Taco Bell’s priority is to provide a safe working environment for its team members and clients. The franchise operator and owner have told us that they constantly evaluate and work to ensure a secure environment. They have implemented procedures such as closing the dining room and hiring security guards.

Although this has upset some residents, who wrongly blame Taco Bell for the crime-ridden climate, one person said that “change” is desperately needed.

One Oakland resident, a long-time resident of the city, said this in his car while parked outside Taco Bell: “We’ve got a bunch of businesses that are bouncing around because they don’t feel safe anymore.” It shouldn’t have happened… The situation must change.


The only option that Democrats have when their soft-on-crime policies become apparent is to call out racism.

As I have said previously, community leaders and residents in their communities should speak up to elected officials, like Pressley, who they first put in office, and tell them they won’t accept the far-left’s disastrous approach to the crime issue.

Then they should turn around and elect people who will have the courage to take action to combat crime, rather than coddling the criminals.

Expect things to worsen until then. That’s what happens when lunatics are allowed to run large Democrat-run cities, and the voters allow them.

Recalling Alameda County D.A. Pam Price is a good start, but the voters have much more to do to turn the ship around – provided it’s still not too late.