Ted Cruz Hit With a Beer Thrown By a Man in Houston Parade Audience


Houston police say they arrested a man who was accused of throwing a beer at Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas, during Monday’s Houston Astros celebrations.

Cruz waved to the crowd while beer was being launched at him. Video captured this moment. With the assistance of a nearby assistant, he appeared to deflect it.

Police stated that they had arrested a 33-year-old man for throwing the beer. They also added that Cruz was hit in the neck/chest area by the can.

The male was arrested by HPD officers in the vicinity. He was taken into custody and is facing assault charges. “We will release the name and photo of the suspect here once formal charges have been filed,” police stated in a second tweet.

Cruz was riding on top of a military vehicle along with his wife and two daughters at the time. Another angle captured Cruz’s family helping after the can was thrown off.

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Some outlets reported that he was also booed in the parade crowd.

According to police, Cruz didn’t require any medical attention following the incident.

Critics of Cruz praised Cruz for his attack on the politician in what appeared like political violence.

One tweet said, “Give that guy the medal; he only accomplished what half of America wants.”

Another detractor tweeted, “I fully support throwing full beer at Ted Cruz as hard as you can. I am very proud of you all.”

“Has anyone set up a fund to help him post bail?” Another tweet said that this 33-year-old male was a hero.

The Astros celebrate winning the World Series for the second consecutive year in six seasons.

Here’s more information about the Houston Astros Parade: