Teleprompter Troubles: Biden’s Speech on Iran, Israel, and Ukraine Raises Eyebrows


Joe Biden made remarks about Iran and Israel on Wednesday, as well as the passage of a bill providing supplemental aid for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

Because it was Joe Biden who spoke, the majority of comments were centered on his top priority — Ukraine.

He claims that we are “investing in the industrial base of our country” by giving away our stores to Ukraine because we need to replenish them. He wouldn’t need to spend this amount if we hadn’t given our stores away.

Biden said they were trying to boost aid now to avoid dragging the U.S. into a future war if Putin attacked a NATO country. We are already in this conflict, and we have a seemingly unlimited supply of weapons/money going to Ukraine.

He pointed out that the bill also sent aid to Israel. He had trouble speaking, even with the teleprompter.

He fell over when he tried to mention the allies that helped in the fight against the Iran attack.

What countries were these allies? “Allies from all over the world, the nation…the region.”

I don’t believe he knew what he said when he talked about Iran being able to fund all of those militants who have been fighting Israel for years. Perhaps it’s because the Biden team, and the Obama team before them, coddled Iran and gave away billions?

He said that the aid provided to Israel helped both Israel and Gaza. When will Hamas steal the aid we helped provide? Or is this an inconvenient query? He claimed that the bill included a billion dollars in humanitarian aid. He is appealing to his leftist base.

Biden couldn’t even finish this sentence without becoming confused and stumbling over words. He said, “It is a way to my desk.”

Biden left the room without answering any questions. He said he would take them later because he was giving a speech in a hotel.

He says this, but then later he does not answer any questions. This is just a way to avoid answering the questions.

See the complete remarks here.