Texas Asks Federal Judge To End Biden’s Migrant Airlift Program


    Texas sued again the Biden Administration, in an attempt to stop the Obama-era Central American Minor Program.
    Through its unconstitutional, illegal immigration policies, the Biden Administration has only brought down our country. Biden’s Central American Minors Program is the latest example of his flagrant law-breaking. This program has significantly contributed to many states having to accept even more immigrants. It is something that my fellow attorneys general and me are trying to stop.

    Central American Minor allows migrants from El Salvador, Guatemala, or Honduras to petition the government for permission to resettle their children in America through the Central American Minor program. To comply with the law, migrants must have U visas or asylum applications pending. Their child must also be under 21.

    The program was initiated by former President Barack Obama in 2014. It ended five days after President Trump’s election. The program was announced by President Joe Biden in an expanded capacity. Parents no longer have to petition the government for their children to be brought to the United States. Instead, legal guardians can petition the government.

    Paxton made the announcement one day after hosting 12 border security summit attendees at the country’s southern frontier. The 20th lawsuit against the Biden Administration has been filed.

    Biden’s executive branch powers were overstepped, and his actions were illegal because Congress didn’t authorize the program. According to the lawsuit:

    The CAM Program provides benefits that are not provided by law under the Refugee Admissions Program. It is therefore illegal and an invention of the Biden Administration, which was never authorized by Congress.

    Paxton said that it was “extremely disastrous” to use in the midst of a border crisis.

    Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk will hear the case of Central American Minors. He ordered that the Migrant Protection Protocols be reimplementated by the Biden Administration.